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If your computer is locked and your computer screen is displaying “Windows Activation Pro” notification that says you need to call a particular support number to fix this issue, then your computer has got virus infection. If you notice anything of this sort then your machine is infected with a piece of malware popular as Rogue.Tech-Support. This malicious program tends to show a “Windows Activation Pro” lock screen when you start Windows.

These alerts are shown to trick the user into thinking that that a virus has been detected on the user’s computer and due to this virus, their device has been crashed. Hackers and cyber crooks leave such infection on to user’s computer to scare them. As a result, users call the given number haphazardly and pay a hefty amount to get the issues resolved. It is only a way to scam people and sell unneeded help or services to the victims of “Windows Activation Pro” virus.

If the “Windows Activation Pro” malicious program gets installed on your device, it changes a variety of Windows settings to allow display fake the BSOD alert. This virus tends to get the access of your device and overlaps your computer screen with inappropriate contents without having the feat of getting terminated. Its presence displays text:

Windows Activation Pro

Product Key Customer Support: support@defencebyte.com

Your computer is suspected of malicious software, for the purpose of verification enter your Windows Activation Pro. You will find your product key on the box that Windows Dvd came in or in the welcome email or on the certificate of authenticity stick. It looks similar to this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

The “Windows Activation Pro” lock screen is a complete scam so users need to be attentive before taking any decision and support.

How to remove “Windows Activation Pro” lock screen

This document will assist you in getting rid of “Windows Activation Pro” malware from your device. Perform all the steps in the correct order and if you have any doubt in performing these steps, get the help of experts.

STEP 1: Remove the “Windows Activation Pro” lock screen

STEP 2: Scan your computer with defencebyte AV Pro

STEP 1 : Remove the “Windows Activation Pro” lock screen

There are many versions of this malware and each behaves differently. There are many methods to get rid of this malicious lock screen. The first step will define how to remove the “Windows Activation Pro” lock screen from Windows.

Method 1: Remove “WINDOWS ACTIVATION PRO” lock screen using Task Manager

  • Hold down the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys simultaneously on your keyboard to open Task Manager.
  • Under the option Processes, scroll through the list until you find Productkeyupdate.exe or black.exe process. When you find these products and it becomes highlighted, left-click on it. After selecting the browser’s process, click on the button End Task.
  • To see all the process, Windows 10 or Windows 8 user need to click on the More Details button. The malicious process may ne there with a different name on your computer.
  • The Windows desktop should be visible, but if it is not, go to the Task Manager to start the desktop. To do this, open the Task Manager window, click on the “File” button then choose “Run new task“there. T o start the desktop, type in “explorer.exe” when the “Run new task” window opens.

Method 2: Remove “WINDOWS ACTIVATION PRO” lock screen suing Command Prompt

  • To open a command prompt, click on the “CMD” button in the “Windows Activation Pro” lock screen.
  • Type “taskmgr” in the command prompt and press “Enter“.
  • Select “Productkeyupdate.exe” or “black.exe” in the list of processes and click on “End Process”. The malicious process may be there with different name on your machine.
  • Close Taskmanager and type “explorer” in the command prompt and press “Enter”.
  • Navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Productkeyupdate“ and right click in the resulting explorer window and delete “Productkeyupdate(.exe)”
  • Close the explorer window and type “shutdown -r“ in the command prompt.
  • Within the next minute, you will see a prompt that Windows will shut down.
  • Follow the next step in this guide, once your computer has rebooted normally.

Method 3: Start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking

  • If the above options are not able to remove “Windows Activation Pro” malware from your device, start the machine in Safe Mode with Networking to bypass the lock screen.
  • Tap the F8 key in 1 second intervals immediately after the computer is powered on or restarted. (Usually do this after you hear your computer beep),
  • When your device shows hardware information and runs a memory test, it will show the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • Select Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys to and press ENTER.

Step 2: Run a system scan with defencebyte AV Pro as seen in the below step after starting your machine in Safe Mode with Networking.

Download, install and defencebyte AV Pro to remove “Windows Activation Pro” virus

  • Download the appropriate version of the defencebyte AV pro on your device.
  • Save the file when it asks to save on a convenient location.
  • Once the download is completed, Windows will prompt.
  • Start the program by clicking on Run button or browse the folder where you have saved the same program and double click on the file defencebyteAVPro_.exe to run it.
  • Accept the license terms to continue.
  • Find plug-ins, add-ons, harmful programs, and other malicious entities linked to Windows Activation Pro” virus by clicking on the scan button.
  • Finish the removal process by continues following the prompt window.
  • For changes to take effect, reboot your computer after scan and removal process is completed.