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Antivirus software are programs that are used to detect the virus infections from computers and remove them by following few predefined steps. Since they were developed to prevent and remove virus infections, hence they were named so. Antivirus software 2018 are made to provide protection against online threats to the computer and similar devices. Antivirus software for Android, Apple antivirus software, Best antivirus software for windows 10, Computer antivirus software 2018 are the tools that provide protection against ransomware, rootkits, backdoors, keyloggers, browser hijackers, worms, spyware, adware, etc. Depending on the on the design of the software and the features Antivirus software may have, it may not provide protection only from computer threats, but also from spam, scam, and phishing attacks. So for the protection of your new and old PC, download Antivirus software 2018 for PC, Mac, Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista or other devices.


Viruses are present around us for long and till today, no technology has developed that can perfectly detect all viruses floating within the digital space. However, using a pro grade antivirus software may offer different layers of virus detection and protection against them. Efficiency and trustworthiness of antivirus application may vary according to the infection detection and removal technique. And also on if you are using a free version or paid one. Downloading a free antivirus software may not offer equal features to a full-version of Antivirus software 2018.  Most of the antivirus software’s developing companies develops free antivirus software for different devices running on different platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, etc.  They try to keep up with the latest technologies to detect existing and zero-day attacks because they know that virus developers are so smart that they even try their written infections on most of the major anti-virus applications so that they cannot be detected by even the advanced Antivirus/security software.

To avoid getting detected by virus scanner, ransomware and other code designers use polymorphic code. In fact, few viruses are so advance that they use GPU to avoid detection from anti-virus applications. Modern anti-virus software (2018 and earlier ones as well) are made to remove as many types of infections as possible, but it cannot be assured that they can detect and remove every type of threats and infections. For the better protection of the data and computer, it is important that you choose the right Antivirus software 2018 as per your need and PC’s configuration.  As choosing a wrong Antivirus software 2018 download for your PC, Android, Mac, or any other Apple device will not only cost you money, but also it will put your device’s security at risk. So it has become the need of PC users to download and install the free/paid antivirus software on their PCs to guard them against different sort of malware infections.

To prevent stubborn and certain type of infections, there is a wide range of Antivirus software available to choose from. Irrespective of which brand’s computer or mobile you are using and what platform it is running on, you can download top antivirus software for android, Antivirus software for pc 2018, Apple antivirus software, Mac antivirus software 2018, Best antivirus software for windows 10, Free antivirus software for windows vista, and antivirus software 2018 for computer. Antivirus programs create a defense layer that stops threats and infections to attack user’s computer hence ensures required safety. Without anti-virus software protection, you may lose all your data and information saved on your device or online. So anti-virus security is must if you want your computer and information safe.