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Ransomware, the most prominent online issue has not only made users scared but is also becoming one of the most talked about Internet attacks. Encrypting users’ data and then demanding ransom in exchange of the same is becoming quite common. Protecting data from getting compromised has now become a priority. For this, users can also choose defencebyte’s anti Ransomware Security 2019 software. It is one of the best software that can help computers to remain secure from the emerging threat of ransomware with ease. The features and tools help users to keep a hold on the issue in an improved way. The features of this amazing software are as below:

  • ·         Scans hidden ransomwar
  • ·         Blocks malicious websites and online script
  • ·         Protects devices from being hacke
  • ·         Schedules automatic scannin
  • ·         Easy to access & run interfac
  • ·         Protects device
  • ·         Lightweigh
  • ·         Simple to install, setup & even run

 Supported Operating Systems:

 ·         Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, both 32bit and 64 bit

       Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  •         CPU: Pentium 233 MHz or above
  •            RAM: 128 MB or above
  •           Disk Space: 500 MB

 By going through the features, it is clear that the software has multiple qualities that can help a user to remain secure and safe from ransomware. There is no sign of doubt about why a user should buy it.

Detection: The software is able to track the running processes such as read/write/encryption, modification of registry keys and more. With it, the software detects and blocks ransomware activities.

Prevention: There is 100% security from ransomware. The software detects the ransomware patterns whether it is in pre-execution or run-time mode.

Remediation: The software not only senses and eliminates every suspicious process, in addition, to roll back the changes but even cleans up the whole procedure.

Set Up: The installation setup process is quite simple that even users without any technical know-how can accomplish easily.

Other than selecting a reliable software like anti ransomware by defencebyte, below are some of the effective tips that can also be followed:

1: Do not provide any personal information to anyone while answering a phone call, email or any text message. This will help intruders to attain the most important information of yours easily.

2: Make sure you use reliable security software to protect your devices. With it, using public Wi-Fi should be curtailed.

3: Create backups! This will help in keeping important data and documents secure from the eyes of those bad guys. These backups will surely help in retaining the security of the data in a precise manner.

4: Keep your software up-to-date. This will combat serious issues like ransomware like a pro. The daily bug fixes and updates and can help in keeping everything secure.

5: Remain vigilant!!

So, being conscious as well as away from such a ransomware attack can help in keeping data and privacy intact. Choosing defencebyte’s Anti ransomware security 2019 software can be the best pick. Your own negligence can only create problems, so be ahead and keep this issue of ransomware at bay!


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How a good Anti-Ransomware software can save your system from being hacked!
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