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For any business, data privacy is of utmost importance. And to ensure privacy, the first step that a company must take is adopting quick, simple, and effective privacy protection software. But before you begin your search for the best Software program, it’s important for you to know why privacy protection or management is so important for your company and the health of your business.

In effect, privacy is dependent on and affects many aspects of your business, including trust, ethics, and technology. Implementing a comprehensive privacy protection program can bring great business value.

Privacy is a kind of business value that should not be ignored at any cost. It should be addressed in all types of organizations, as well as in all products and services that may touch personal data. The following are some of the many benefits that a company can reap from protecting its data privacy.

  • Meeting compliance—

This is the most commonly cited benefit. Non-compliance with privacy protection laws, standards, and their privacy and security notices can result in huge fines or other penalties. Non-compliance with privacy protections contractually required by organizations can lead to the loss of business relationships.

  • Avoid breaches that could cause harm to your business—

To protect personal data, companies should have strong security measures in place. By implementing such security controls, organizations will reduce the likelihood of privacy breaches. A lower number of breaches mean that the business doesn’t lose its trust or lose customers and other businesses. This means that the business doesn’t have to pay fines, undergo civil suits, and receive multi-year penalties after breaches.

  • Protecting data subjects—

Privacy protection includes the security of personal data as well as all activities related to disposing of, sharing, transmitting, accessing, processing, storing, and collecting data. In the past, organizations did not have strong, comprehensive data security arrangements in place across all levels of an organization. But now, times are different. Security controls shield personal data and prevent a breach of data that could negatively affect data subjects. Take, for instance, the Q2 2018 results of one security solution which blocked 962,947.023 attacks from online resources in 187 countries around the world. If they were successful, those could have led to breaches of personal information that could have been detrimental to the data subjects.


  • Your brand value increases—

According to Forbes Insights, 46% of companies suffered reputational and brand damage as a result of a privacy breach. The best way to increase brand value is for organizations to make it clear that privacy protection is their primary goal. They will care about the privacy of their customers and will support them in that care with transparent and consistent privacy practices.

  • Privacy protection helps your business grow—

Companies need to be able to control who is allowed to access their information. And they also want to be able to restrict the types of information the world receives about them. These attitudes are similar across the globe. Companies that provide privacy protections will be preferred by customers over those that do not.

  • It’s about ethics—

Many organizations have business ethics policies or a code. Even those who have not established business ethics policies must still follow ethical practices if they plan to remain in business for any length. These policies usually state that confidential information will not be used in ways that harm any party and that it will only be used for business purposes.

  • Gain customer loyalty—

The public is more aware of privacy than ever before. As our youngest citizens learn more about privacy in grade school and high school, they expect to have greater control over their personal data. People are becoming more aware of their rights to inform those who collect their personal information that they expect their data to be protected and have access to and control their data. So, by following data privacy strategies responsibly, you will build trust in your customers.

  • You gain a competitive edge over your competitors—

A huge number of people feel concerned about security and privacy online. The fear in some is so intense that they prefer to avoid taking any action online due to such concerns. This shows that privacy is a major concern and can have an impact on the actions of the public. With proper privacy protection, your organization will be able to show that it cares about privacy, and you will have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.


  • Foster innovation—

Many people believe that incorporating privacy and security controls into new services, technologies, and products is a way to block innovation. This is not at all true. In fact, privacy can be used to expand and improve innovation when it is addressed right. The public demands privacy: they don’t fear it. Privacy should not be seen as a distinction or something that must be done if required by law but as a requirement for all new services and technologies that involve personal data. Secure privacy-protecting devices that reduce privacy risk reflect more innovation than leaving them out.

  • With data privacy protection, retaining public, customer, and investor trust becomes easier

Centrify commissioned a Ponemon survey to find that 65% of people whose personal information was compromised lost trust in the company. This could be either directly or because of a breach in their contracted vendor. One in four people who were breached moved their business to another place. Companies that don’t implement privacy protections and then experience breaches will lose trust, which will lead to lower profits and fewer clients.

Your company’s digital footprint or digital trace includes all of its internet activities, including online purchases and comments on news articles or social media. Protecting your company’s reputation can simply be done by being aware of the extent of your digital footprints and taking steps to regulate them. Although there are many privacy management software out there that can help protect your company’s data privacy, you should choose a product based on its overall quality and your specific needs.


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