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Are you in search for Cryptlocker Ransomware information? Then don’t worry, your wait is over. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has made the first remarkable step towards the trouble of Gameover Zeus Botnet. The US authority made a big leap for the seizure of computer servers operated by the people behind Cryptolocker ransomware. Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker schemes are the brainchild of Evgeniy Bogachev. However, he is in the wanted list of FBI. You should be perplexed to hear that he is the leader of cyber criminals mainly based in Russia and Ukraine regions.


The success of disabling Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker comes from the innovative legal and technical tactics with traditional law enforcement tools blended into a super combo pack to evade this attack.

You may be aware that C2 infrastructure is currently controlled by the Law Enforcement. However, this is not the close line. It is only a temporary disability and there are chances of new servers to be online anytime.

You should not be so careless. It is your duty to protect yourself from Cryptolocker despite the recent interference. One most have ability to maintain a strong security posture that includes updating protection programs like Antivirus or Anti-Malware. These types of malwares are transmitted mainly through e-mail attachments by phishing attacks, so do not open such attachments even if the sender is known to you.

New version of Cryptolocker has been discovered by defencebyte AntiVirus Pro. Though it is thought to be a copycat of the original one but still there are huge differences in respect of program coding and operation.

So, be very cautious about your personal files even if they are encrypted. The vicious part we want to avoid is the danger of losing personal files forever due to attack of Cryptolocker. However, technological innovation has a new way to prevent this factor. System Restore or other market popular recovery software can be used to obtain “shadow copies” of files.

Malware exists and the antivirus solutions alone cannot work, it needs support of Anti-Malware as of today. Anti-Malware generally identifies the Cryptolocker using multiple names but it is hard to recover encrypted files. Keep on backing your personal data, be cautious about unknown files and do not worry as Anti-Malware has the capability to evade infection before they start.

Tools Required to fix Cryptolocker Virus:

  • defencebyte AntiVirus Pro.

Instructions for Cryptolocker removal using defencebyte AntiVirus Pro:

This procedure may appear burdensome because of the various steps mentioned but worry not! It is only to give you a clearer insight of the whole process. Before beginning with the guide, the user must print out the steps and close other programs that might be running in the system as the browser will require to be closed and the computer rebooted afterwards.

To begin with, you should download defencebyte AntiVirus Pro to start with the scanning for any malicious adware that might be present in your system. The link mentioned below is where you can download defencebyte AntiVirus Pro from.

defencebyte Antivirus Pro Download Link (Download page will open in a new window)

1. After the download, you must close all the programs and windows running on your system including this one.

2. Then you should double-click on the icon on your desktop defencebyteAVPro.exe. This step will begin the installation in your system.

3. Once the installation starts, you must keep following the prompts to keep up with the installation process. Make sure you don’t make any changes to default settings. After the program has finally installed onto your system, the user must leave defencebyte AntiVirus Pro checked. Lastly press the Finish In case, defencebytes prompts you to reboot the system, then it is advised not to do so.

4. defencebyte AntiVirus Pro will now begin and it will appear on your screen as shown below-


Now click on Scan button to start up with the scan. In case any update regarding defencebyte is available, the download and installation will automatically take place before the scan performs.

5. defencebyte AntiVirus Pro will now begin with the scanning your system for any kind of malwares present in your system. This step could take a while so you are requested to work on something else and keep checking up on the status from time to time.


6. After defencebyte AntiVirus Pro is finished with scanning, the malware which has been found will show up on your screen.


The user should now press on Clean Now to delete all the malware that showed up. The defencebyte AntiVirus Pro will now start deleting all the files and registry keys. In this step, defencebyte might require a reboot to be able to delete some of them. Please allow the reboot to take place if it appears on the screen. If it displays a message stating that it needs to reboot, please allow it to do so. Please continue with the steps after the system has been rebooted and the user is logged in.

7. You can now close defencebyte AntiVirus Pro.

8. It can be quite a task to get rid of Cryptolocker without resetting the browsers completely.

Please follow the required steps mentioned below to reset your browser to factory defaults. Kindly note that this procedure will delete all add-ons, extensions, toolbars etc.

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox

Reset Google Chrome Browser:

You will have to reset Chrome back to its default settings to be able to remove Cryptolocker completely. After following these steps, all the configuration info from your browser will be deleted for instance your homepage, saved info, browsing history, cookies etc. The bookmarks will be preserved just as it is.
To begin with resetting Chrome, the user must open up the program and press on the Chrome’s menu button in the top right of the screen. Now the main menu for Chrome will appear like this-

Then press on the menu option tagged as Settings as shown by the arrow in the picture below. This will open up the basic settings on the screen. You will see a Show Advanced Settings at the bottom as shown below.


Press on Show Advanced Settings option to open up advanced setting screen. At the very bottom you will find a reset button as shown in the image.


Then press Reset settings as shown in the image above. Chrome will now show up a confirmation dialog asking you if you would like to reset the browser.


Press Reset button to reset Chrome. Chrome will now delete all your personal info, and history. Your bookmarks will be preserved and will be accessible.

Now to remove Cryptolocker fully, the user will have to reset the internet explorer to its initial settings. With this step, all your personal info will be deleted. This step will also disable the toolbar and any ad-ons and bookmarks will not be affected.

Reset Internet Explorer Browser:

Open the program and press on Internet Explorer to reset Internet Explorer. After this a main menu for Internet Explorer will appear as shown below-


You should now Press the menu option labelled as Internet Options as shown above and this will show the internet option screen.


Press Advanced tab as shown above which will open up Advanced Settings screen.


Press on Reset as shown above after which a confirmation dialog will appear asking you if you are sure you want to reset or not.


Then please put a check mark in Delete personal settings and then press Reset button. Internet Explorer will now delete all your personal data and disable any ad-on or toolbar. The bookmarks will be saved and it’d remain accessible.


After the reset process has been done, click Close button. You will now have to restart Internet Explorer to finish the reset. Follow the given instructions after Internet Explorer has restarted. Now to remove Cryptolocker fully, the user will have to reset the internet explorer to its initial settings. By this step all your personal info will be deleted. This step will also disable the toolbar and any ad-ons and bookmarks will not be affected.

Reset Mozilla Firefox Browser:

To begin with resetting Firefox, the user must open up the program and press on the Firefox menu button in the top right of the screen. Now the main menu for Firefox will appear like this-


Then press the question mark as shown by the arrow in the image shown above.


After this Press Troubleshooting Information option shown by the arrow below. Next press on the Troubleshooting Information option as shown below-


Press Refresh Firefox to start up with refresh process. After which a confirmation window will show up asking you whether you’d like to perform a refresh.


Press Refresh Firefox button to perform refresh on firefox. After the refreshing process is done, an importing window will show up. Then Firefox will reopen and mention that it has been refreshed.


Now press Let’s Go button to start using Firefox.

Your computer is now supposed to be free from Cryptolocker program. Your computer should now be free of the Cryptolocker program. In case it gets infected through the present anti-virus you are using then you may consider purchasing the PRO version of defencebyte AntiVirus Pro to safeguard your system in the future.

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