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A virus is a computer program that executes while turning on the computer and replicates itself by creating its codes to infect your PC. Some viruses are detrimental by destroying programs, erasing files, and reformatting your hard drive automatically. Slow performance, system crashes, and blue screen appearance are the well-known symptoms of a virus attack on your system. For instance, you transfer your favorite movies from a removable device to your computer, but at the same time, you make an observation that your system starts running a bit slow. Eventually, it restarts and crashes abnormally. Therefore, a malicious program will start infecting other programs resulting in the loss of your indispensable files. It is highly recommended to download virus protection software, and a computer optimizer, which not only protects your computer but also assists in boosting PC performance.

Follow these steps to safeguard your computer from destructive bug

  • Schedule latest virus definition:

We advise you to download the latest update of antivirus to make the software up to date and for protecting your PC from the latest virus. The developers of Computer optimizer provide the most advanced updates monthly to offer an extra layer of protection to your PC.

  • Never open suspicious mail attachments:

Hackers usually tend to attack a victim’s system by sending emails anonymously. You ought to scan first with an antivirus before you open any attachment to ensure that you don’t get any virus.

  • Enable automatic protection:

Turning on automatic protection makes sure that your system is fully safe and blocks suspicious files and websites automatically because it starts scanning when you connect to a removable device. Therefore, we encourage you to keep the automatic protection button enabled.

  • Avoid downloading free software:

Downloading free software from the internet can wreak havoc on your computer by attacking your legitimate application codes, as hackers are well-aware that people often get attracted by the free software available in abundance. We, hence, encourage downloading virus protection software that starts scanning before downloading files or software on the internet.

  • Windows update:

Apart from keeping the antivirus up to date, installing the new updates of your operating system is strongly advisable, as their developers make an improvement by fixing bugs and issues experienced previously. It helps not only in improving PC performance but also shields your computer from unauthorized access.

  • Avoid suspicious website:

Never open unusual websites that look legitimate apparently but attack your system when you click on any link that spread the virus silently. Therefore, it will not only damage your files and programs but also gain unwanted access to your sensitive data.

Perform these effortless steps to keep your system protected from malicious programs. Furthermore, download virus protection software that assists in doing all of the above steps to keep your computer safe from damaging viruses.

defencebyte claims to offer the best virus protection with its Anti-Virus Pro software that helps in keeping your computer running smoothly by blocking such files and attachments to be downloaded, either through mail or other online/offline sources. It scans the entire system and detects traces of harmful viruses at an early stage. As a next step it eradicates and removes even the slightest trace of virus infection in your system. Hence, Anti-Virus Pro imparts complete and effective protection to your system against all types of viruses.



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