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With the progressive growth of the digital landscape, the process of job-hunting has been shifted from traditional means to online. Recruitment has entirely moved online with the unexpected and unforeseen disruption of coronavirus pandemic. To curtail human contact due to Covid-19, the concept of the face-to-face interview has been discarded and switched to online interviews using apps such as Zoom and Skype. The entire world is looking for job opportunities online on job portals such as Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn. There are hundreds of job opportunities available and accessible on the web; some of them are authentic, and others are counterfeited. By going digital, it has become easier to apply for jobs and that too at the comfort of your home. Also, at your convenience, you can apply for jobs at any time and from anywhere in the world. As every coin has two sides, this pandemic has opened doors for cybercriminals to carry out their heinous crimes, as they are leveraging the global crisis to scam people. When everyone is co-dependent for job opportunities, cybercriminals are taking undue advantage of this scenario. Job seekers expose and upload loads of their personal information on these job portals and apps, and cybercriminals take the benefit of their sensitive data. Identity theft and phishing attacks are being used to fool unsuspecting job seekers. Even they are impersonating themselves as Employers or from HR Department in order to steal your personal information. When the world is no longer a safe place to live in, you need to be extra cautious of who is accessing your private information. If taken frivolously, who knows you can be the next anticipated target of the nefarious cybercriminals. In order to find the right job, don’t forget about pseudo profiles and potential theft. Cybercriminals can easily use your vulnerabilities against you! You can search for the jobs online but just be vigilant about it where you’re uploading your CV. To keep your information private and far-flung from the prying eyes of cybercriminals, follow these tips meticulously when searching for a job online. Besides taking precautionary steps also download robust security shield software, it will competently wipe out all your digital footprints perhaps keeping your data protected from all sorts of identity threats and digital catastrophes.

How to Protect Your Privacy Online When Applying For ‘Dream Job’?

  • Beware of Scams:

Cybercriminals use pesky email scams since they send the unsolicited email which seems legitimate to the person as if it has come from the employer or recruiter. Before you apply for a particular job, do a thorough background search of the company, and you can look for their social media pages as well. Scammers will offer you the most significant job opportunity like paying you a high salary package so that the job seekers fall for their pseudo trap. Therefore, never in contentment apply for such jobs, and the most pivotal step is to do the authenticity check. Often emails send by job seekers contain spelling and grammatical mistakes. Also, they try to mimic the company by using their logo.

  • Don’t Give Out Financial Information:

Don’t provide financial information such as bank account details online until you’re offered a job letter. Use security shield software for removing the online activities of financial information such as CVV, Account no. Details. Also, before entering the sensitive information online, look if the website is secure enough or not, and you check this by looking at the web address bar.

  • Contact Information:  

It’s better to keep a separate email and phone number, particularly for your job hunt so that no one can misuse it and also try to limit the contact information you expose online.

  • Sharing your Resume:

We can understand you’re keenly waiting to get your Dream Job. But never post your resume all over the internet in excitement. Scammers can use your confidential information and make sure you only post on a reputable site such as LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed after reading their privacy policy.

  • Keep a log where you’re posting your resume:

Don’t just keep on uploading your resume everywhere. Keeping the count is essential because it is quite possible that someone unknown can contact you and ask for your personal information, you should have adequate knowledge in which company you have applied. Don’t disclose your personal information if you’re not sure about the company.

Download Security Shield Software for Extra Layer of Protection

No software is more prodigious than defencebyte Privacy Shield since it has proved its mettle and is highly-known for providing full-proof security. It’ll by default remove your web browsing history including chat archives, thus making your online job hunting experience trouble-free and safe.


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