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Amid the global crisis and the chaos caused by COVID-19, the ransomware attacks are now wreaking havoc in the digital world. As the number of positive Coronavirus cases continues to surge by millions all over the world, ransomware campaigns initiated by the cybercriminals and scammers likewise are intensifying. This time, cybercriminals haven’t even spared the Healthcare industry and front-line workers. At this time when the entire workforce of the firms globally is working from home, such attacks indicate a sense of fear. Since then, there has been a significant rise in the ransomware attacks in the guise of coronavirus theme websites. They are comprehensively using people’s fear and confusion related to deadly coronavirus disease to bait the cybercrimes. The only way you can thwart yourself from pseudo scammer’s nefarious intentions is by installing robust ransomware defender software in your system.

Ransomware Attacks on Health Care Industry:

A ramification of ransomware attacks on health care organizations can cost heavy in terms of death during this time of the pandemic. They are preying and attacking directly on the people’s fears and vulnerabilities, and are using COVID-19 in a variety of malicious campaigns. Since people are paranoid related to the pandemic, these cybercriminals are heartless. Even when the whole world is on the verge of apocalypse they all care about is ransom fee. Pesky emails are sent to the unsuspecting users related to the sale of fake medical products like masks, vaccines, and testing kits.

 They firstly, encrypt the systems of big health organizations like WHO, UN, and ICMR or even from big corporates, and then they steal sensitive information. Once their system is infected with malicious ransomware, they ask for the ransom fee. They target hospitals majorly because they know hospitals are loaded with coronavirus patients since they have been transformed in Isolation wards. Also, they tend to function, so will simply pay the ransom fee. When the Coronavirus was in the initial stage in the UK, the hackers used ransomware encryption format to decrypt thousands of patient records and threatened to publish them online if they didn’t pay the ransom fee. Even in the US, a number of cases were noticed where major hospitals suffered ransomware attacks.

Raging Maze Ransomware:

A new type of ransomware has initiated ‘Maze’-it is taking all over the world just like Coronavirus. This ransomware overrides a system’s master boot record (MBR) which makes it unbootable. Maze Ransomware uses different techniques to attack to gain unauthorized entry, majorly by using exploits kits, remote desktop connections with weak passwords, or via email impersonations. All the emails are sent with a word attachment that extensively uses macros to run the ransomware in the system. Once this ransomware is executed, it automatically restarts the machine, and then it displays the ransomware themed window and a note that cannot be closed. E-mails and websites are used extensively to steal your sensitive data. Either the infected ransomware is dropped on the system via links or attachments in the emails.

The nefarious cybercriminals hold the victim’s data hostage and threaten the targeted company to leak their sensitive information if they don’t pay the ransom fee on time.

Looking for Tattle Signs? Learn How to Identify Pesky Email Scam!

These fraud emails can very readily infuse ransomware in your system.

  • In the Pandemic crisis, the pesky emails sent by Cybercriminals will mostly impersonate and claim to be from the renowned global or national health care body like the World Health Organization, UN, ICMR or government body.
  • It can also claim to be from the Human Resource Department of your workplace, but in reality, they are not legitimate. Scammers will try to use a similar domain, company logo, and identical format.
  • Mostly the emails sent by them contain the attachment and embedded links that are infected with ransomware. They will ask you in the mail to click on these. Once the user clicks and downloads, the attachment gets activated, and ransomware encrypts the gullible victim’s system.
  • They will use the COVID-19 in the email scam, creating a sense of emergency, alarm, warning, or precaution.

How to stay safe from Malicious Ransomware Attacks?

  • No one can adequately protect themselves from the ransomware, what we all can do is we can be extra cautious, or we can download the ransomware defender It will protect and guard you 24/7 unfailingly.
  • Never click on any unsolicited attachments and especially the one that claims to be from WHO. Always remember such a big body would never personally email you and provide you with COVID-19 information. We will advise people not to open any coronavirus-related links circulated on social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger etc.
  • Check the authenticity of the URL or email and then open it. If there is any mistake in URL that means it’s counterfeit. When you’re making financial transactions, make sure you verify satisfactorily before making the actual payment.
  • Be vigilant of the apps you download. They probably can carry malicious ransomware. Many apps are pretending to provide critical information on COVID-19, the moment gullible user opens the app, it locks you and asks you to pay the ransom fee to decrypt and regain the access back.
  • When the whole world is working from home, be assured you have a secure VPN connection network.
  • Don’t download the device that is in .exe extension and make sure you download legitimate files that are from reliable and trustworthy sources.
  • Besides following all the aforementioned precautions, make sure your PC is protected and confined with ransomware defender software incessant vigilance.

Afraid of Malevolent Ransomware Attacks? No Worries! Download Ransomware Defender for a sure-shot solution

Defencebyte anti-ransomware software is all you need in your life right now when the world is no longer a safe place to live. This top-notch software is proficient at detecting, scanning, and blocking any kind of existing and emerging ransomware attacks. Its extra layer of protection is all you need in these difficult times, and we assure you that it will give you a hassle-free system to work on. Get stress-free of any raging attacks and future complications when the software defense shield is there to help you out.


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