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If you are still stuck with Windows 7 and it’s giving you a tough time and you haven’t yet upgraded your system to Windows 10 operating system and also not planning to switch anytime in the near future as you love this particular OS, don’t worry we won’t ask you to throw this over. And also, won’t leave you to live with a Windows 7 machine that crawls like a sloth. We’re here to guide you on how to speed up an older operating system PC. Also, if your system is running smoothly, and you want to make it better then keep reading this blog further. To revive the former glory of Windows 7, you need to bestow it with nurturing. In this blog, we have outlined tips and tricks which you can use to boost the performance of the Windows 7 system. We hope this blog helps! As time pass by, every computer goes through a struggling period that is because we highly stuff our hard drive that causes accumulation of junk in the system. It doesn’t matter whether it happens steadily over time or all of a sudden drops down. No matter how diligently you maintain your laptop or PC, it’s upsetting to see your near-to-perfect computer stoop down to the level of D-grade performance. If you are going through a hard time with your windows 7, this post is for you! Let’s walk you throw tips about how you can boost the performance by tuning and making modifications to Windows features. We will also request you to download pc optimizer for windows 7 as it is the best helping hand you can ever get.

Learn How to Boost the System Performance: Follow Steps & Download

PC Optimizer for Windows 7

Tip 1: Defragment your hard drive: 

Over the course of time, files on your hard drive become fragmented. Now you must be thinking, what is defragmenting, right? Defragmenting might sound scary, but it means putting fragmented files back together so that the system can run more competently. Windows 7 is scheduled to do its own, but this process takes place automatically once a week. You can do it manually if you find there are some issues ongoing with your system. If you are too busy to carry out this time-consuming process, then you can download pc optimizer for windows 7in this regard. If you are ready to do it manually, then follow these steps:

  • Firstly, Go to My Computer and then select the option Properties and then Tools. After that select, the option defragment drive and then click on optimize.
  • After that, you will spot an Optimize Drives screen popup.
  • Now analyze the HDD drive to see how fragmented it is. A thumb of the rule is if it is below 5% then you can click on optimize to defragment the disk.

Tip 2: Alter Settings or Disable Graphics and Animations: 

Updates come with tons of graphics encompassing animations such as multiple fading effects and layouts. Since such graphics contribute to making these apps more refined and offer overall a better experience. But worst is, it slowdowns the computer performance, but the good part is you can adjust the settings. Otherwise, download pc optimizer for windows7 to disable unnecessary settings. Save the processing power by following the steps: In Windows 7 search for Performance Information and Tools. Now select the option to adjust visual effects and use the Visual effects tab.

Tip 3: Upgradation in Your Hardware: 

Most importantly invest money in buying RAMespecially when you have an order system. It is quite possible it may have little memory to run heavy applications efficaciously. Also, if you use a lot of programs, then you might not have enough RAM to carry on with the process. Therefore, installing a new RAM kit could give your system a boost. Also, you can download pc optimizer for windows 7 to lift the much-required PC performance. You can add an SSD too as it offers extra space at a much lower price. Furthermore, it makes your computer run at a much faster pace.

Tip 4: Run a disk cleanup: 

Windows 7 comes with a built-in tool to clean up accumulated junk. To access the Disk Cleanup tool, go to Control Panel after that select System and Security option. Now, click on Administrative Tools and select Disk Cleanup from the list mentioned.

  • After that, select the type of file you want to get rid of entirely and then click on OK.
  • Next, in the window clean up system files, select the system file you want to remove. If you are not able to do it manually, then you can download pc optimizer for windows 7 for better results. It will automatically delete all the useless file extensions and invalid paths.

Tip 5: Disable programs running on startup: 

Without taking your permission, some programs run automatically on startup, which can slow down the performance of the computer. Download pc optimizer for windows 7 and then run a deep-scan to disable the unnecessary programs. Also, if you want to do it manually, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Right-click on the taskbar and then search for System Configuration and press Ctrl+ Shift+ Escape launching the programs. Now, head towards the Startup tab, and then you will be able to view every item that runs on startup.
  • Then go through the list and see which program doesn’t need to start
  • To disable the functioning of such programs, simply right-click and Disable.

Tip 6: Find out the resources that eat up storage: 

If out of nowhere, your computer is working significantly slow, then the wrongdoer is definitely a program that is eating tons of space. The best way to find the culprit is by going to your task manager and locate which program is eating up resources. If you discover following such tips is not your cup of tea then download pc optimizer for windows 7 to remove invalid programs and to eliminate useless programs.

  • Firstly, right-click on the taskbar and then select the option System Configuration. Now click on more details option to find out information about the programs that are running currently on your system.
  • You can click on each header to see which application is using most of the particular resource. For closing the program or application, click on the option End Task. 

A Few More Tips and Tricks Here and There: Check Out!

An operating system is not single-handedly the only victim which makes your computer slow. Many factors can contribute to overall sluggish performance. These tips will come in handy to keep up with the minute-to-minute details of the performance of the computer. Remember these tips religiously to make your computer run at topmost speed.

  • Keep your computer clean when we say this it doesn’t only mean to keep it dust-free. But also keep on clearing out cache data and wipe out unwanted files.
  • Remove all the unused browser extensions if you download pc optimizer for windows 7 that too defencebyte product then it will automatically delete all the useless files extensions.
  • Reboot your computer regularly, no matter whether you use it or not. Just for 5 minutes switch it on and switch off.
  • Don’t multitask, and we would suggest you to run fewer simultaneous programs. In case you need to do the same then download pc optimizer for windows 7. It will clear out the cache data side-by-side.

Ultimate Solution: Download PC Optimizer for Windows 7

If you are too busy in life or another reason is following such time-consuming tips doesn’t interest you, then we would strongly recommend you to download pc optimizer for Windows 7. Also manually doing all the tasks to speed up the computer performance can be burdensome and painstaking. So, best out of all is to download defencebyte computer optimizer for Windows 7 since it has proved its mettle when it comes to selecting software that can elevate the performance of the PC. It is tried and tested by many and every time proves to be a prodigious and robust software which can carry out all the steps as mentioned above proficiently.


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