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Do you know every single second your Digital footprint is recorded on the Internet? Yes, you read it right. It is overwhelming to digest that your private information is no more private. No matter how much we deny the fact that we are not entirely dependent on the technology and the Internet- but our lives continually revolve around the vicious circle of scrolling, browsing and downloading. While the Internet makes our lives easier, but it poses a significant risk as we expose our personal and sensitive data to cybercriminals and hackers, that too unknowingly. Remember, someone is incessantly prying on your data, and they are looking for just a single vulnerability on your part. The cybercriminals are always on a lookout, and they have devised several ways to steal your private data which is then put to misuse and uses it for nefarious intents. The compromised credentials and private information is sold over the dark web. Let’s walk you through the ways your data can be stolen, and we will recommend you prodigious software that everyoneshould definitely download to safeguard their data. There are many ways, procedures to protect your personal informational and digital footprints, but besides that user should download Privacy Protection Software for an extra and enhanced layer of defense.

Internet scams are on the unprecedented rise, and cybercriminals use it copiously to rip-off gullible victims. Basically, Internet scam is when someone uses internet-enabled devices, services or software to defraud anyone or take undue advantage of unsuspecting victims typically for financial gain. Internet scams are applied farsightedly and are all over the place on the Internet in many forms including phishing and malware-infected emails that attempt to trick users into handling personal and financial information, social media messages or online dating sites used to contrivance Romance Fraud, pop-ups loaded with malware, counterfeit designed online shopping sites so that people hand over their financial information. Always remember, you and your identity and data are never safe on the Internet.

Learn the Ways through Which Your Data Gets Compromised – Commonly Used Internet Scams

  • Phishing

At some point of time, you might have come across the news stories of Phishing attacks. It is the most common method used by cybercriminals to steal the data, and most of the people tend to fall in the trap due to inadequate knowledge. Since cybercriminals create phishing email which masquerades as legitimate. Once the unsuspecting user clicks on the counterfeit email his/her confidential information like passwords and financial information like bank account details gets compromised. These types of emails create urgency or panic in order to trick the users, that is why most of the people fall prey to such pesky email scams. On the other hand, phishing emails also looks totally legitimate as if it has been sent by a renowned organization like your company, bank or government agency.

  • Fake Online Shopping Websites

In 21st Century Fraudsters are getting pro and creative at what they do. They specially design a bogus website that has sophisticated designs and layouts. They all together create the fake retail website to con people which accurately looks genuine, or they replicate and make an identical site which looks like real and existing retailer websites. These bogus online shopping websites offer eye-catching deals that entice the users, but most of them are too good to be true in reality. For Instance, if you find expensive and hi-end brands like Zara clothes and expensive electronics of LG, Samsung on extra low-prices, then Stop and Think! Such valuable things at such a low cost, if your heart says IMPOSSIBLE, then definitely something is fishy out there. If you find such fake shopping websites, then don’t provide your financial information on the sites and never order things from them.

  • Romance Scam

Don’t get fool in order to find Mr. and Mrs. Perfectionist the so-called potential romantic partner on the social media platform or on online dating sites. Since cybercriminals haven’t left even online dating sites, through this way they lure the users, they have started using this mode in order to attempt to defraud gullible victims. Now you must be wondering how actually romance scam works-the fraudster, who has concealed his/her identity behind the computer screen strikes up a conversation on the online dating site or social media. They, first of all, try to gain the trust of the unsuspecting victim, and once the victim gets blinded to see their nefarious intention, they start dating you online. When it finally comes the time to meet your date, they always come with the reasons why he or she can’t meet up in person. Now, after that, they come up with pseudo ideas in order to ask you for money or will ask about the victim’s financial details. Beware! If you are on online dating sites like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, etc. or on social media like Facebook and Instagram, then you should be more cautious. See everything with suspicion, take everything slowly and don’t rush out. At no cost ever give your financial information or money to someone you’ve found online.

  • The Overpayment Scam

What happens in overpayment scam is everything seems OK and legitimate in the first place. If you’ve posted anything on the Internet for sale and have put up the advertisement for the same like on OLX. Fraudsters will respond to your online ad, and then they will pay you much more than the purchase price for an item you’re selling. He will then ask you to give back extra money right before the bank clears your money out. After you pay them extra money, you get to know that the money which was transferred was fake and that you’ve been cheated. Therefore, be vigilant of such overpayment scams and next time if someone sends you extra money than you’re owed it might be probably a scam. Don’t send back any money until they have sent it in the account.

  • Quick-money promise

In this scam what fraudsters do is they first send the LinkedIn message, unsolicited emails which talks about a job requirement. Which is offering you lots of money in terms of salary but there is no as such real work. Scammers who levy such scams mainly target the people who are looking for a new job or wanting to work from home or as a freelancer. Once you secure the job then next, they ask you to fill out paperwork and in that ask about your bank financial information, social security number, and address and personal information. Be vigilant and always look for a job on reputable and trusted online job portals, research the employer and avoid applying for positions that seem too outstanding to be true in reality.

  • Facebook Impersonation Scam

Facebook is the most popular and renowned social media networking site, but it is a hub for scams. It is the best place to target people by concealing the real identity and sitting behind the computer screens. What cybercriminals do is they copy the name, profile picture, essential information from a real account in order to create an identical account on Facebook. Then what they do is they send friend requests to the original account friend’s list to access their personal information. Beware if you get information from someone who is already added on your friend list then check twice in that case. If you foundtwo of them that means one of them is fake, and you should report the cloned account to Facebook and tell the real account holder. If you think your social media account has ever been hacked instantaneously change your password.

  • Extortion Email (Sextortion & Hitman Scam)

In this Internet scam, cybercriminal leverages over your fear of losing self-respect in the society, and they blackmail you they will embarrass you in public in case you don’t pay them the ransom fee. For instance, like your sex tape video or any recording of you in which you’re doing the wrong thing. But the truth is, in reality, they have nothing against you to hold. The catch here is maybe they have gathered details about your life from social media. If you ever receive extortion emails, call Cybercrime branch and report your matter to them. Also, remember never be ashamed of anything in life so that if someone targets you, you’re sure about it that they can’t do any harm to you.

‘Congratulations, you’ve won an iPhone, LCD TV Scam (Unexpected Prize Scam)

Mainly such unexpected prize scam falls under phishing category, this scam is executed by sending an email telling you that you have won something expensive like a popular gadget or some travel tickets but in order to get these things they, first of all, ask you to submit your bank account details asking you to cover shipping charges. Once you pay them, you’ll never hear back from them because, in reality, they are cybercriminals. Never ever fall for such unreal attractive offer, you will lose all your money, and you will get bankrupt. If you rightfully and genuinely win a product, you will never be asked to share your financial information and would never ask for the shipping money. The best thing you can do for your safety is don’t respond to such emails and delete them.


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