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An ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease is taking all over the globe, and the USA is becoming the epicenter of the global coronavirus outbreak. The situation is getting worse, and the death tolls, infection figures are increasing exponentially. More than thousands of people across the USA have been infected with the novel coronavirus. The pandemic situation has brought a new complexity of being scammed by the cybercriminals. As coronavirus spreads across the world, users are increasingly getting hit with online scams and virus infiltration in their system. Amid international efforts to curtail transmission of the virus people have been ordered to practice self-quarantine. As people around the world are under lockdown, Internet traffic has surged, since millions of people are relying on the internet for entertainment. On the other hand, hackers are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to infect people’s computers with malicious viruses. During the coronavirus outbreak, online scammers are preying on the Internet user’s vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals have begun exploiting the uncertainty, and fear and is infecting gullible users system to steal credentials, and sensitive information. The outbreak is causing a panic among the people, and the Internet users are becoming anxious for information about the COVID-19. Cybercriminals are looking for numerous ways to defraud people in connection with COVID-19, such as they are setting up websites, infecting the links with a computer virus, contacting people through phone and email. It has become indispensable to safeguard yourself and do your research before clicking on unsolicited links. Always look for a red flag if you ever receive unsolicited emails that prompt you to click on an attachment, never click on them before checking the authenticity. These email phishing scams lure unsuspecting users to download malicious viruses on their systems. A malicious virus can inflict or damage your computer if not having an adequate protective mechanism such as computer antivirus software. It is like self-inviting viruses to your computer by giving cybercriminals accessible and clear entry in your system. The number of COVID-19 online scams and cybercrimes are increasing at unprecedented rates, and this means we all need to stay vigilant.

Global Pandemic is like a golden opportunity for cybercriminals to launch fraudulent activities, and they are playing on people’s fears and evoking feelings of compassion. Cybercriminals are looking to exploit public fears about the deadly virus. What cybercriminals are doing is that they are sending emails that are claiming to be from a legitimate organization such as WHO providing information about the coronavirus. Even cybercriminals haven’t left the World Health Organization, they are pretending to impersonate them and befooling the people by offering vital information about the virus in an attempt to trick people into clicking on malicious links. If the gullible victims click on these links, the malicious virus gets downloaded and takes over the control of their computer. Even the World Health Organization has issued a warning about such nefarious scams asking people to not fall for such pesky scams. Even the increase in working from home have put organizations at a higher risk of cyber-attacks. Even, many homebound people received an attractive email-offer of the free Netflix subscription for the entire lockdown period. People who all took the offer, their system are now infected with a malicious virus.

How are Cybercriminals taking undue advantage of Coronavirus outbreak and attacking the Vulnerabilities of unsuspecting Internet users?

The unsolicited email messages might ask you to open an attachment, and once you click on the attachment or embedded link, you’re likely to download a malevolent virus on your system. The infiltrated malicious virus will allow cybercriminals to take control of your computer, access your credentials, personal information and financial information. It has affected the lives of millions of people around the world. They are disseminating malicious files that claim to encompass information on how to protect yourselves from the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease. They ask you to go throw the attached document on safety measures regarding the spread of the coronavirus. They are trying to trick people into divulging to download the computer virus-infected files. A malicious virus can attack the computer competently, and it can affect the computer in numerous ways. It slows down the computer, reformats hard disk or damage or deletes files. It can also lead to frequent computer crashes, data loss, or inability to perform any task on the computer or the Internet. Now just filing a cyber-complaint may not be the only solution and the best way is to take precautions and be vigilant. But, we can safeguard ourselves against coronavirus-related online scams. Follow the precautionary measures mentioned below to avoid getting duped.

How to safeguard yourself from Online Scams and Computer Virus Infections?

  • To avoid falling prey to pesky scams and the malicious virus is to beware of unfamiliar senders, avoid clicking unknown links or opening unsolicited attachments. Look at every email message with skepticism.
  • A One-stop solution is to download a reliable and top-notch computer antivirus software.
  • Specifically, be cautious of the emails and links that create a sense of alarm and urges you to take instantaneous action or offers you with COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Use reputable and trustworthy multilayered security computer antivirus software.
  • Be vigilant of unsolicited emails offering information about the virus or providing treatment for coronavirus. Also, be wary if they are requesting personal information for medical purposes. Be cautious; it means something is fishy.
  • Never click on unsolicited links or open email attachments from unknown sources if the potential victim even opens it unintentionally it could download a virus into their computer.
  • Keep all your devices protected with a robust computer antivirus software so that it can protect your system from coronavirus online scams.
  • Make sure the computer anti-virus software on your computer is operating proficiently and is up-to-date.
  • Ignore offers claiming COVID-19 vaccine or cure. No vaccine has been invented yet, and the main point is that you won’t ever hear about them through unsolicited emails or links.
  • For the people who are working from home, make sure you have a secure VPN connection.
  • When you’re downloading files from the Web, make sure you install only legitimate and trusted file extensions.

Once your system is infected with a virus, it can affect the system performance and user’s data files. A computer virus can be considered as an illness of the computer, just like coronavirus that causes diseases in humans and is deadly. A system without a computer antivirus software is like an unprotected human being who is vulnerable to the coronavirus contagious illness and who is not sanitizing his hands properly. Similarly, not having the software is like an unprotected computer that is attracting the virus to enter your system. Computer antivirus software guards your system 24/7 comprehensively and shields your computer from all the intruding viruses.

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