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Computer Optimizer software is designed in a way to perform a variety of tasks in order to make a PC run smoothly. We can clearly say, performance and ease of use vary significantly across different optimizer software, so we can’t break down and write about it’s worth. However, when it comes to slow computer fix, we can encapsulate- the wise decision is downloading computer optimizer software. But before installing any software, check the reviews and try to make the right decision. Since there are abundant of software available in the market and everyone claims to be one of the best, be cautious and make a wise decision when it comes to hand-picking PC registry optimizer tool. Many free PC optimizers claim to deliver noticeably faster performance, but all of them fail to live up to the hype. That’s why we have narrowed it down to one software that is defencebyte computer optimizer. It is competent enough to give a PC noticeable speed boost, and moreover, it does not contain any hidden extras or intrusive ads. If you’re looking for tons of add-on features, then definitely defencebyte is the one for you. It can perform advanced tasks since it holds the hi-end features like secure file deletion and many more.

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What Is A PC Registry Optimizer Tool?

We can put it like this- a well-deigned and robust pc registry optimizer is a Windows system optimizer and registry cleaner which is designed to tune-up the PC’s performance. The tune-up utilities can give your PC a noticeable boost when the time of crisis knocks your door. To be precise, when the PC starts behaving weirdly and starts to perform sluggishly and that too out of nowhere. When your screen freezes, the blue screen of death error takes over your system or when you can only see the “buffering” sign and also “not responding” error on the screen.

Let’s Help You In Making The Right Decision: Slow Computer Fix

PC Registry Optimizer Tool

A computer registry is basically a Windows database that holds the potential to keep track of your system’s files and applications. And when you remove an application from the system, then it doesn’t remove the records fully from the registry. Windows gets slowed down when it follows the registry’s listings and carries extensive research to find files that don’t exist or are now in a different place. It causes disruption, which becomes an issue at the end of the day. A PC registry optimizer tool will scan your registry, and it will fix inaccurate entries. And once again we will ask you to read reviews thoroughly to see if it is good enough or not. Moreover, a poorly written registry cleaner could even delete entries that are required, and it intensifies the problem by making it worst.

File Deletion

A key feature of the tool is to scan and delete files that are not required automatically.Additionally, those files that instead of serving you the best, only eats up disk space. 

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For Example:Unwanted files in the recycle bin, junk/temporary files, browsing history, and data files that are left behind from applications you have deleted.

For slow pc fix, you can also manually perform the decluttering process. But, if you are looking for convenience, then go with a cleaning tool that automatically performs a scan and looks for the superfluous files.

Application Manager

Application Manager slow computer fix

The best attribute is some computer optimizer possesses tools for removing applications that are fiddly to uninstall and also the ones that unnecessarily runs when you automatically start your PC. And this feature big-time helps in increasing the performance of the computer. An intuitive and well-designed optimizer software is much needed to perform functions,especially when you are a novice and doesn’t have much time to run manual performance.


Be super vigilant when using a pc registry optimizer tool since a wrong tool can worsen the situation. Keep a note of things such as whether the cleaner tool consumes most of the memory or not. Moreover, we will suggest you to avoid having two optimizer software on your PC because it leads to conflict and further slows down the performance.

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