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Security is a big concern for each one of us in the rapidly developing and evolving digital world. There are two sides of the digitization of information and data; on one hand it is offering great convenience and flexibility to transfer and store the data and information, whereas on the other hand it is facing new challenges on regular basis when it comes to the safety and secrecy of it. Bearing the thought of security of computers and mobile devices, people use the security tool for their protection without evaluating which one is right for them. In fact, they all don’t know how many types of threats are floating around and is it possible to get protected against them all. There are two main types of threats: one is virus and other is malware. Often people form an opinion that the two are same, but there is a distinction between the two. It may be a subject of confusion for the people who are not tech savvy and tech experts. So let’s spill the beans over difference between virus and malware.

Distinction between malware and virus

Most of the people are aware of the term virus and know that they need to protect their devices from their attacks and affects using antivirus program. Often the two terms; virus and malware are used synonymously, but the term malware has wider scope and includes malicious software like adware, spyware, worms, Trojans, and viruses. Virus is just a type of malware which is written with the intention of infecting the host system. Malware are intrusive and disrupted types of software that can affect the system performance. They may spy on or steal crucial information from the system, and extort money. Malwares are more dangerous because it is not easy to detect them as they often embedded in, or disguised as, regular non-malicious files. So the logic says that all viruses are malware, but all malwares are not viruses. And other than viruses, there are tons of other sort of malwares. However, virus is a more prevalent term as they are around for a while.

Solution to viruses and malware

There were days when we used to hear about one or the other virus attack every evening so security experts advised and came up with antivirus software as a solution to this problem. Since then, they are being used as an essential part of the system security package that one can have and install. However, installing them doesn’t mean that infections and malware are gone forever. For the complete security, you need to install malware cleaning tools along with antivirus program because antivirus programs may or may not scan your system for potential adware, spyware, worms, Trojans, and other threats while making sure that you keep both the security applications updated. Otherwise, these malwares will be more than happy to infect your computer. So to fight against these odds, you need to have a good understanding of what you’re up against, and what are the right tools you can have to keep your PC safe pretty easily.

Many people think that antivirus application provides protection against all types of malware and anti-malware tool renders 100% security against all sort of malware, which is not right. So the latter part of the document will put some light on both the tools and explain which tool cover which threat so that you can keep yourself covered against online threats and infections.

Let’s get to know which tool scan for which threats

defencebyte AV Pro

Viruses were and are extremely popular term used for a specific variety of malware. Viruses are codes or programs that attach themselves to programs and files and run inside the machine without the user’s consent. For the purpose of providing a robust defense shield to the users’ devices, defencebte AV Pro is an advanced tool that provide protection against viruses and malware including Trojans, worms, spyware, rootkits, Backdoors, Exploits, keyloggers, and just to name a few.


Today online cyber threats exploit the abilities of the internet and other networking techniques to spy on and steal personal data of the users including their credit card and banking details, pins and passwords of their social media accounts and bank accounts, and also the information such as home addresses, contact numbers and even the details of family members. They may even write malicious code and distribute and sell it in the form of a Trojan to crime organizations who can perform illegal and unethical activities like stealing money directly from the victims’ bank accounts.

defencebyte AV Pro scan users’ devices in real-time to detect and remove infections and to provide protection against all the classic as well as newest malware. It includes a bunch of features to ensure protection against infectious malware and web threats. It is one the best antivirus software available for computer users.


defencebyte Antimalware

defencebyte antimalware is the one anti-malware utility which has a complete bunch of traits and features that an anti-malware tool should have. This program doesn’t focus on classic threats like viruses and worms, but can hunt down most often zero-day or zero-hour malware and as much malware as possible. While hunting down zero-day or zero-hour malware is hard for the other malware cleaning tools which are a big threat likely to encounter while surfing the web. Often zero-hour malware are distributed in drive-by exploits or via hacked social accounts.


This antimalware utility can also detect “Potentially Unwanted Programs” (PUPs) usually refer to adware or other types of software that slow down the system and bombard screen with advertisements. defencebyte antimalware can protect users from the slop of the net that tries to steal money from online users’ accounts using ways like extortion or theft by fooling them and make them thinking they are practicing the right things. Whereas in reality, they are not legitimate and harm the system and keep on showing more and more problems.



Why use antivirus as well as antimalware tools?

Internet is not a safe space and we cannot ensure 100% protection of our data and devices using traditional tools and methods as intruders, snoopers, and cyber criminals are brilliant minds and they keep on changing as well as coming up with new challenging threats that put biggest threats to the users. If a device and its network is not protected, it may face attacks not only from the web, but other sources as well. So presuming about the challenging scenario, it is advised to use defencebyte antivirus as well as defencebyte antimalware for the complete protection as well as staying protected from the old and the new threats as it would be better to be safe than sorry.

defencebyte antivirus protects you from viruses and new along with older threats defencebyte antimalware secures you against all manner of malware including new exploits, trojans, backdoors, adware, and spyware. An on-access security tool keeps you pretty well protected from threats while you open files, surf the web, and install applications and defencebyte antimalware tool make sure nothing got through or has been overlooked when use on demand. This combination will ensure your device’s safety as much as possible. Along with providing the protection to your devices and network by installing the first line of defense against malware, spyware, and viruses, run a good security suite in the background and an on-demand malware tool for covering everything else. Also make sure that you keep your both software up-to-date, follow good browsing habits, keep scanning your device at regular intervals for detecting and removing malware. Today, malware is one of the biggest problem and it is just an assumption that antivirus will protect you from all types of malware or antimalware will protect you from viruses. Be aware, use your common sense and choose the right products in right combination that can cover all aspects of security when it is the matter of protection of your device, data, and information.