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As we tend to surf the web, our browser keeps on collecting our browsing history, website cache, cookies, autofill login details, search preferences, browsed sessions, chat records, and much more. And all of this keeps on loading until we delete it. Keeping the traces of your online habits stored is not safe as it leaves the doors open for hackers and intruders. And also, months old recorded browsing history slow down the browsing speed as well as makes PC unresponsive at times when you turn on your computer and search anything on it.

Since our browsing habits are recorded by the bowser, it’s not safe to keep them there in the browsing history. So, you need to install defencebyte Privacy Shield which is a browser history cleaner software. It is a tool that cleans up browser history, website cache, website cookies, and browsed session in just one click. It is one of the needed browser history cleaner software as none of us want to be monitored and tracked. Leaving browser history and cookies unattended brings a risk to online identity, so it is important to remove all the browsed information from the browser’s memory space by installing a browser history cleaner onto the computer especially when you browse the web a lot. As it deletes all the junk stored in the browser folder and secures your identity along with making your computer run fast.

defencebyte Privacy Shield is not only a browser history cleaner software, it does a lot more. It helps in providing complete protection to your computer, but data also and ensures that you stay protected from prying eyes and intruders. It removes all your chat logs and records so that nobody can misuse them and target your identity and extort money from you in lieu of returning your locked data.  Apart from being a browser history cleaner, it protects your online login information and credentials and deletes files in a way that they cannot be restored back by anyone.

It provides all in one security and in order to make sure that you stay secure all time, it performs automatic schedule scans and cleans browser as well as PC history. With defencebyte Privacy Shield, you can provide advanced protection to your PC and information stored on it. It is an easy to install and use software and available in two versions: Free Trial and Paid. Free is available for a trial period and having just basic features. For comprehensive and advanced protection, choose the paid one.


defencebyte provides sure-shot cybersecurity solutions to eliminate catastrophic cyber threats. Our cutting-edge and sophisticated endpoint protection software detects, prevents and responds to cyberattacks proficiently. With our wide-ranging security products, we at defencebyte offers robust security checks and incessant monitoring. In this way, we have introduced an extra layer of defense so that cyber threats stay at bay. All in all, Your System Protection Is Our Responsibility!

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