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Millennials are obsessed with Netflix, and the craze of binge-watching is at another level during Quarantine. Netflix is a video streaming media platform, and it is currently streaming thousands of amazing movies and series for the homebound people. According to the reports, Netflix had hit nearly 160 million new subscriber’s milestone worldwide since the people started practicing social distancing. So, now you can imagine to how much extent Netflix is loved by people, and it tops the list of favorite OTT platform; also,peopleare extensively using this platform to beat Quarantine Boredom. The popularity of Netflix is escalating at an unprecedented rate amidst Coronavirus Lockdown, and so do the misuse of this platform by scammers.When millions of people are exposed to this platform, cybercriminals have started baiting unsuspecting netizens by using the name of highly-acclaimed Netflix. Cybercriminals are directly hitting on the vulnerabilities of the people sometimes by using information related to COVID-19 as bait or sometimesleveraging on the people’s fear. Now, they are using entertainment and OTT platform like Netflix to accomplish their nefarious intents. Let us warn you, particularly Netflix fans, beware scammers are targeting users and exploiting this Quarantine situation to carry out data breach and steal personal information of the users.We will highly recommend you to download theright data privacy shield software that renders smooth functioning of your PC and without creating havoc protects you from future cyber-attacks.


Social media is flooded with fraudulent messages that Netflix is offering free subscription passes for their platform due to Coronavirus Pandemic. Maybe you might have also come across this fake news while scrolling Facebook or your friend may have introduced to you. To homebound people, cybercriminals are sending a striking offer of free Netflix subscription for the entire lockdown period.This free pass news is entirely bogus, don’t fall for such pesky scams- also, advice your friends to not get fooled with this enticing, bogus Netflix offer.The subscription fee of Netflix is higher and expensive as compared to other OTT Platforms. So, no one would ever give up on this golden opportunity to get free passes, especially at the time of Pandemic when everyone’s financial condition is not that good.

Scammers create the urgency and entice the netizens to secure their free pass promptly, and once the user clicks on the link, they are taken to a counterfeit website that totally looks like Netflix website. Users get fooled by the look-and-feel of the website. They incorporate the Netflix Branding and logo in the website which looks authentic and as if in reality Netflix customer support has sent it. Then on the forged website, they ask visitors to answer a few questions like how they are coping up with the COVID-19 pandemic. After that, they tell the gullible victim that they have won the pass and all they have do is share the free pass message with ten of their contacts on WhatsApp to get their own free pass. It’s like dragging your friends or loved ones with you in the same well by potentially exposing them to risk of being scammed. Also, not to forget they also trick the unsuspecting user into sharing their personal and financial information with them or sometimes asking you to download malicious code on their device. Most of the companies are doing their bit and offering free subscriptions for the time being because of the Pandemic, but Netflix isn’t one of them.

How to protect your data and device form Netflix Phishing Coronavirus Online Scam?

  • “Beware! Don’t Click!” if you find anything on social media which appears like unbelievable or inappropriate, never in keenness to see what that message holds for you, click on unsolicited links. Firstly, check the authenticity. Remember whatever you find on the Internet is not always true. Specifically, at this time, anything which is related to COVID-19 Pandemic, Lockdown, and Quarantine should be looked with suspicion.
  • If you receive any message related to Netflix, creating a sense of urgency, don’t fall for such scams. Check the authenticity of the message on Netflix official website.
  • If within an email you find something fishy like minor things, spelling mistakes and poor grammar or typos it is quite possible it may be a fabricated website because the reputable company never make such mistakes on an official website.
  • Always check the URL often such scams will display a suspicious URL address with the spelling mistake of the company name.
  • A reputable company would never ask about the personal details such as account number, password, pin or security questions in order to offer the free pass.

What is the One-Stop/Sure-Shot Solution of Protecting Privacy? Download Data Privacy Shield!

Let’s conclude by saying the virus is wreaking havoc in the virtual world too, and it is up to us how we take precautions and with attentiveness protect ourselves from doomsday.However, cybercriminals are not going to stop instead of slowing down; they are ramping up. For Full-Proof online security, whether it is netizens or social media fanatic and even infrequent Internet users should download the Data Privacy Shield. Defencebyte Privacy shield software name comes at the top when anything is connected to online privacy and Internet scams. It is a meticulously designed software which is proficient at by default removing digital footprints, including track records, web browsing history and chat archives. It will make your online experience happening and hassle-free.



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