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Cyber-attacks are rapidly growing every day. While on the one hand, resources are being deployed to counter these threats, and on the other hand, cyber crooks are becoming stronger and better at their attack approaches. It will take a long way to go before cybersecurity experts catch up with these wicked and creative minds. You will be stunned if we tell you there is a cybersecurity attack every 39 seconds. No one knows who the next target is…Maybe You?

Moreover, keeping everything aside, it is the need of the hour to educate Internet users about the alarming cybersecurity threats. So, here we are with this informative and well-curetted blog to help you out. But firstly, we would like to burst misconceptions that people have in mind related to cyber-attacks. Generally, people are of the idea that only large organizations are at risk of cyberattacks. But, no this is not how this works, nefarious cybercriminals mostly prey their eyes on people who are vulnerable and have weak security systems. After all, they are the easiest to target; hence fraudsters/scammers are always successful at their tactics, and this is how they become more confident. Also, one of the reasons is small organizations and individuals tend to use less-sophisticated cybersecurity measures. To protect themselves from cyber attacks, everyone should arm themselves with privacy shield software as the first line of defense. Keep reading this blog further to know what cybersecurity attacks you are against. So that in the foreseeable future, you can effectively fight off and can work on your vulnerabilities.

What Is Cyber security Attack?

A cybersecurity attack is basically a deliberate/planned attempt to exploit networks, computer systems, and organizations that are dependent on technology. Cybercriminals use malicious code to alter/modify computer data, and code that helps in compromising the data and identity of the targeted victim.

What are the Common Types of Cyber security Attacks?

  • Phishing Attack:

Phishing is the most common form of social engineering and is a widely used technique by cybercriminals. According to statics, 32% of data breaches take place due to phishing. They target the potential victims in this way: Cybercriminals bait users into downloading an infected attachment or entices them to click on a malicious link through SMS or email. Now, come to the main point of how to safeguard yourself from phishing cyber threats- Don’t click on unsolicited emails that look fishy. Always double-check the email source and report or delete if it doesn’t look legitimate. Take your time in inspecting the link, instead of just clicking on them.

  • Malware Attack:

We are assuming you have adequate knowledge about malware and viruses. For those who are new to the cybersecurity world, malware is an umbrella term that is used for malicious programs like worms, Trojans horses, computer viruses, spyware. The only way to stay protected is, use Antivirus and Anti-malware software and don’t forget to keep it up-to-date.

  • Ransomware Attack:

A ransomware attack is always on the mind of cybercriminals. Since ransomware proves to be beneficial for them as on the one hand, they get extortion money, and on the other hand, they get access to confidential data as well. Ransomware attack works in this way: Hackers take the victim’s data hostage and locks the user out of their own system. They usually claim they will give the decryption money back only if the ransom money is paid. To protect yourself from this malicious program, never open entrusted /uninvited email attachments, and also don’t click on unverified links.

  • SQL injection:

In this technique, cybercriminals use malicious code which helps to store critical data for websites. It is colossally harmful to servers that store personally identifiable information like usernames, credit card numbers, and passwords. Now, the real question that strikes is how to prevent yourself from SQL injection attacks. For prevention, use encryption format, so that confidential information isn’t visible.

  • Weak Password Attack:

In spite of being so common and the oldest form of a cyber security attack, people fail at protecting themselves from password attacks. Hackers use the most straightforward tactic; they lay their eye on weak passwords that can unlock valuable online accounts, like online banking passwords. And precautionary measures you can take here is: Always use characters, numbers, symbols while creating a strong password, and also use a password manager.

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack:

In DDOS attacks, what cybercriminals do is flood a website with more traffic than it can ever handle from different IP addresses. They use this technique to distract the owners so that they can easily break into the organization’s data while they put their full attention on restoring the website. What preventive measures organizations can take is: First and foremost, they should recognize their typical inbound traffic so that in such circumstances, they can detect the presence of irregular traffic. Also, they should use strong passwords, anti-phishing methods, and secure firewall tools.

When we are living in the 21stcentury and digital era and being precise where the dark web exists, then cyber security is something that no one should ever overlook. defencebyte Privacy shield software is like a knight in shining armor, which will guard you against the wicked cyber crooks. It will turn out to be your guardian angel when there are devils all around. It works in a manner that it doesn’t let your confidential information leak out in public. Before cybercriminals trace your data, this software being a well-wisher will wipe off your digital footprints. In other words, it covers up your vulnerabilities and believes us, not only it covers but seals them with a permanent solution.


defencebyte provides sure-shot cybersecurity solutions to eliminate catastrophic cyber threats. Our cutting-edge and sophisticated endpoint protection software detects, prevents and responds to cyberattacks proficiently. With our wide-ranging security products, we at defencebyte offers robust security checks and incessant monitoring. In this way, we have introduced an extra layer of defense so that cyber threats stay at bay. All in all, Your System Protection Is Our Responsibility!

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