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Alert! Chameleon virus attacked on Wi-fi

Alert! Chameleon virus attacked on Wi-fi

A team of researchers at the University of Liverpool enlarged a virus dubbed Chameleon that actions over Wifi networks and broadens “as resourcefully as the general cold spreads among humans.”
Unlike most viruses, Chameleon doesn’t go after computers or internet resources, but focuses on access points (APs), or where user connect to the internet.For the regular home user, this is generally a wireless router.

The research team says the virus spreads fast, avoiding detection and identifying “the points at which Wifi access is smallest amount confined by encryption and passwords.” If the virus attacks on a roadblock when demanding to propagate, it simply looks for other access points “which weren’t powerfully protected as well as open access Wifi points common in locations such as coffee shops and airports.”

There hasn’t been many technical information unconfined on the virus, but it’s not useless of for an AP to become infected; a few weeks ago, in fact, reports surfaced that several thousand Linksys routers had turn into infected among a worm likely installed by a weakness found in the firmware.

It’s inopportune that very few routers today have adequate anti-virus protection, if they have any at all. In count, many patrons don’t ever change the evasion username and password on their routers, making it dreadfully susceptible to hijacking.

Here are some measures you can take to protect yourself from these types of threats:

• Change the defaulting username and password on your home router
• Make sure your Wifi network is password confined with a strong password
• Avoid weaker wireless authentication protocols like WEP
• Don’t broadcast your network’s name (SSID)
• Avoid public networks and Wifi hotspots
• Consider MAC address filtering to control which devices connect to your network

We’ll continue to keep you updated with any unique findings on the chameleon virus. As a closing note, users of defencebyte anti-Malware. software are protected from known chameleon virus, detected as Wi-Fi virus.With the help of defencebyte, you have the liberty to block the viruses and also any similar substances, which can slower down the host device. There are some value added features along with powerful technicalities, which can help in delivering the best and premium protection against the threats of today like malware and more.

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