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The moment you click on the ‘Download’ button, you expect that the software will be downloaded within a few minutes. But, instead of beginning the installation process, you spot infuriating pop up which states that “Your Computer is running out of sufficient space”. We understand, this scenario drives you crazy, but don’t worry, you are not alone. After getting this pop up, you are left with the worst choices ever. Either you stop the process or create a room for the software by freeing up some disk space. Even second choice seems formidable and time-consuming, but always remember something is better than nothing. Most of the junk files consume up space on your hard drive. Don’t wait for an awful situation to knock your door; instead, periodically indulge yourself in the task of deleting redundant and temporary files which are of no value. Otherwise, you will end up with piles of superfluous and unwanted data. If you ignore this significant problem, then after some time, you will start noticing sluggish performance of your PC. In this blog, we will walk you through some of the simple ways to free up disk space on your computer. Well, if you are not getting ample time to clean out the hard disk yourself, then you can blindly rely on best free disk cleaner software. The software will do the needful as it is competent enough to carry out the cleaning process automatically.

First of all, find out what is consuming space on your hard drive, then try to clear out most of the clutter. And at last, make some space for all of the vital new applications and files. It doesn’t matter how solid-state or large hard drive you have, one day there will come a time when you will run out of space. You clear out junk and unused files when you free up some disk space. All the hoarders need to delete the unwanted files and applications, no matter with how much heavy heart you click on the delete option. Also, feed-in mind that too much clutter stored on your system can one day make you experience serious performance issues. If you are already experiencing freezing of screen, lags, then it is the high time for you to carry out tiding process.

Ways to De-clutter Your Hard Disk

Uninstall Superfluous Files: If you are not using some apps and programs, then it doesn’t mean they are not running or hanging around. Take control in your hands and delete useless and unused applications that eat tons of space. If you want to carry out a cleaning task wholly and successfully, then follow these steps systematically. First of all, click on the Start Button and then select the Apps and Features option. Then sort out the files to see which programs are eating up heaps of the space. Then select the files which you don’t longer need and then click on uninstall.

Clean Out Your Desktop: We keep on saving everything on our desktop by default, but we often forget that desktop clutter can slow down our computer performance. This happens because the files take up loads of operating memory to display all the time and that too nonstop. Delete the files which you don’t need and transfer the rest to the folders. By doing this, you will free up a little space on your hard drive, and this will eventually tune-up the performance of the PC.

Dispose of temporary files: Whenever the user visits a website, there is always a trail of unnecessary files which is left behind such as images, text files, cookies that helps in improving the user experience. If you feel your privacy is compromised or there is no space on your hard drive, then throw away these temporary files. You can also use the best free disk cleaner tool to handle temporary files. With the help of this tool, you will be able to delete cookies, clear out cache data, and remove immediate files.

Get Rid of Space Consuming Files: There are some files on your system that suck up tons of storage of your hard disk. To know which files are the culprit then follow the mentioned steps: First and foremost open the Windows Explorer and then select the option This PC. After that type ‘size’ in the search box which you will spot in the upper-right-hand corner. Then, afterwards, you will be able to choose between the several categories of file sizes that range from Empty to Gigantic. Then check out the most massive files and think of whether you want them or not. If you don’t, then move them to the Recycle Bin and free your PC from the burden of monstrous files. Now repeat the steps all again to check further and bring back the hard-drive space to an appropriate level.

Use Best Free Disk Cleaner Tool: In Windows 10 PC, you get per-installed best free disk cleaner tool. Isn’t it great? In a single click, you can get rid of the unnecessary operating system files. Windows free tool will do it on your behalf and will remove the superfluous files which no longer needs running. Also, there is a disk defragment tool that mainly helps to manage vital files. Make sure you use both of the tools for attaining outstanding results.

Save Important Files to the Cloud: Over a period of time, there will come a day when you can’t store files on your hard drive. In that scenario, you have the best option to store it on the Cloud. Therefore, well-known experts also recommend people to back up important files regularly. By saving them to the cloud, you will free up precious space on your hard drive, and also you will be guarded when the hard drive fails or when you inadvertently lose data.

Tackle Download Documents: If you want to free up enormous space on the hard drive, then handle the long list of download documents that you have on your device. After seeing the download list, you will be shocked as you won’t even be aware of the presence of files on your system. Since, many of us download files, videos, photos, PDF documents that we may or may not need ever again in the foreseeable future. So look for the important ones and delete the rest of them without thinking hard about them.

PC Maintenance Should Be Your Jam: Once in a blue moon freeing up space on your hard drive won’t do you any right. Regular PC maintenance should be your jam, and it will definitely help you in attaining best results. You can also carry out some additional tasks, such as deleting duplicate photos regularly. Also, don’t forget to empty the recycle bin when you are 100% sure that you no longer need these documents.

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