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If you’re looking for solutions to make your computer/laptop perform at an optimum speed once again, then all you need in life is to revive the computer speed and boost its performance with computer cleaner software. You need to look for a prodigious software that is adept at removing accumulated junk and temporary files since life is too short to waste time on the slow performing PC. This blog is all about the features you should look for in robust software, the ways to speed up your computer, and the last but not the least how defencebyte is the ultimate computer optimizer software that all the computers must-have. If you’re looking for free software, then let us remind you they are not proficient at making your life easier. They perform the basic functions which you all can even do manually. Instead of just making an upgrade to your laptop, the more effectual way is to use a premium version of computer cleaner software.

There are abundant of software’s available in the market which can help you get rid of temporary and old files which you no longer use. We’ve picked out the best free pc cleaner software for you, which is defencebyte. This computer optimizer software is efficient at de-cluttering your PC and competently clears out the junk. This software has a lightweight interface and focuses on mopping up temporary files, cookies, invalid path, and registry keys.

What are the Features to look in a Peerless Computer Cleaner Software?

  • Security:

The software should be reliable and legitimate. Before downloading, always check the authenticity of the software. The software shouldn’t contain any type of virus and malware infiltration. To make sure that the installed software is virus and malware-free use a Bitdefender and Malwarebytes and run a full scan.

  • User-Friendly:

The best computer cleaner software should be user-friendly as every one of you is not good enough with the functioning of the software and is not tech-savvy.

  • Performance:

The software you’re looking should live up to its promise of providing customer gratification by making their computer trouble-free. The software should be top-notch in boosting the PC’s performance.

  • Support Desk:

The software company should have a technical help desk so that if the customer is facing any issue with the installation, setup, and activation of the software, he can reach out to the technical experts for help.

  • Compatibility:

The software should support all the windows configurations; it should be compatible with even Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Ways to Boost the Performance of your PC/Laptop

  • Delete Temporary Files:

You require to delete all the temporary files such as cookies, internet history and cache otherwise, in the long run, it will give you a hard time. To boost the performance of the PC, you entail to, free up some valuable space on your hard disk. Instead of removing it manually, you can download computer cleaner software such as defencebyte to delete files that are of no use in your hard drive.

  • Uninstall Unused Programs:

Most of the laptops/desktops come with the pre-installed programs that we never use and probably would never even open them in the future. These pre-installed programs take a ton of disk space, memory and running background processes slow down your computer.

  • Remove Bloatware or Adware:

Do you know the most significant factor that slows down the performance of your PC is Bloatware that takes up the most system resources? Bloatware and Adware are used by third parties, or hackers and are also capable of stealing confidential information. If you remove the Bloatware, the performance of the computer will increase within no time.

  • Stop Programs from Launching:

Do you know when you turn the computer on many programs automatically starts launching. Those programs that are lunching eats a lot of your computer’s memory. In windows, click the start menu and search for MSConfig. After that, click on the Startup tab, and programs will pop up, and you can anytime uncheck the programs that you don’t want to launch automatically.

  • Delete Browser Extensions and Plugins:

These browsers and plugins can slow down your web browser’s speed; therefore you can boost the browser’s speed after uninstalling the extensions or plugins that you don’t use anymore.

  • Defrag your hard disk:

It’s like a vicious circle, the more you use the hard drive, and the more it becomes fragmented which further slows down your PC. When a disk gets fragmented it stores files and makes your computer sluggish. If you use Windows 10, you can use the built-in defragmenter to defragment your hard drive.

How Downloading Defencebyte Computer Optimizer Is the Ultimate Solution?

When you’re acquainted with the hi-end features that a top-notch computer cleaner software should be equipped with, now, comes the high-time of selecting a robust software and defencebyte computer optimizer is best for you since it is a meticulously designed sophisticated software. This software works efficaciously and helps in elevating the performance of PC by cleaning all your temporary files, junk files, empty registry keys, erase invalid paths, and also eliminates non-existent shared DLLs. The best attribute is it is user-friendly and compatible with all the windows configurations. In short, this software will make your life hassle-free.



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