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Android is a very popular platform and if you’re one among more than a billion users of it, you need to know that this mobile operating system has been the easiest target of the attackers. It’s developed by Google and it’s an open-source. It gives equal opportunities to its users and developers. This is one of the most compatible platforms, so developers can design multiple apps based on user interests and user can download and install them from their developers’ site or from third parties.

nasty malware

Every year various new malware attacks on different devices and grant the controls to the hackers. They may attack through text messages, multimedia content, while downloading something, while browsing the web and clicking on malicious links. Once your Android gadget catches virus, it can track your browsing habits and steal your shopping and banking information. Now hackers have been very smart and they keep updating themselves with the latest technologies. To trap the mobile users, they create fake apps which look alike the original app.

Often they design phony applications of financial and E-commerce companies, productivity apps, popular gaming applications, etc. When you’ll search for the required program and install it, it’ll ask you to use the device as a device administrator. If you agree to this, its icon doesn’t appear, but remain active in the background. In this way they get installed on your Android and when you use your banking app, these malware ask to type your credentials. When you open any of phony apps, the nasty malware starts monitoring your ongoing activities.

Once hackers and snoopers get the access of your Android phone, they can drain out your funds, wipe out the data partition on your device, block incoming verification calls, decode text messages, and direct you to the malicious links and contents to make their own profit. They can steal your login credentials, contact number, and other confidential information stored on your device. They can also hijack passwords of your multiple accounts, including OTPs (One Time Passwords) along with the online banking details.

Android is a very flexible and user friendly platform. You can secure your device if you take care of the basics of the security like don’t run your device as an administrator, don’t share your account details with anyone, don’t click on irrelevant links, run anti-virus application, create strong passwords, don’t click on pop-ups, always download apps from the developer site, create different passwords for different accounts, etc.

Natalie Green is an experienced technical content writer. She has done post graduation from a reputed university and likes to write unique and informative article about nasty malware and how to remove virus from computer and android devices and how to optimize PC & android device performance.