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If your PC stops responding to your command, you face screen freeze issues frequently, or it takes too long to accomplish a minor task, then it undeniably needs a tune-up. No matter how well-equipped and advanced your device is, it tends to slow-down its performance due to severe junk accumulation with time. A computer system slowdown due to reasons like registry errors, log-files, useless caches, unused files, etc. We all have been there, when a system stops working, crashes and does not give an optimum performance during working on a vital task. So, instead of waiting for such a situation to occur again in the future, it is better to optimize your PC performance. This tutorial blog will show you a few ways to optimize Windows 10 computers to improve its performance before installing PC Performance Booster in your device. Read further to know more.

  • Disable Start-up Apps:

Many inbuilt apps in your PC automatically launch during start-up by configuring themselves and continually runs in the background, which wastes valuable system resources. To disable it, open Settings-> Apps-> click Startup-> click Sort by Menu and select Startup Impact option. Then, turn off the toggle switch that’s not a priority then restart your computer.

  • Disable Background Apps:

Certain apps in the computer continue to perform tasks in the background when you are not even using them. If you want to enhance your PC performance, you can disable those programs that you don’t want to run in the background. To do it, open Settings-> click Privacy-> click Background Apps then turn off the toggle switch for the applications you want to avoid running in the background.

  • Uninstall Undesirable Apps:

When you purchase a PC, it is pre-installed with several apps and bloatware that you don’t need, which only occupy space and waste resources in it. To uninstall apps, you need to open Settings-> click on Apps-> click Apps & Features then select apps you want to remove-> click Uninstall.

  • Install Quality Apps Only:

Old and poor-quality apps are loaded with unnecessary features that negatively impact the performance of your device. So, before downloading any program in your PC, take the time to research and install reliable apps in it. If you don’t find the required app in a store, then download from trusted web sources only, which is compatible with your Windows version.

  • Check Hard Drive Space:

If you observe that tasks like copying files and apps are taking longer than usual, then one of the possible reasons behind it is low space on your drive, which usually becomes noticeable when 70% of the total storage gets occupied.

  • Run Defragmentation Tool:

If you are using the traditional HDD, then running a defragmentation tool can increase your computer responsiveness. To run defragmentation tool, open Settings-> click on System-> click Storage-> under More Storage Settings, click Optimize Drives Option. Then, select drive from the list then hit Optimize Button.

Deleting garbage of a computer system manually can be difficult as well as a risky task, and this is where a computer optimizer tool comes into the picture. Having an effective computer optimizer software is a must to detect and remove junk & other useless files, which makes a computer sluggish over time. defencebyte computer optimizer software is very easy to use, which takes necessary actions in repairing computer performance issues in seconds. It successfully scans a computer to find problems that are affecting its performance and fix those issues right there. So, install this PC performance booster for windows 10 and start experiencing the difference.


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