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Cybercriminals are becoming smarter day-by-day and their tactics even better. You do not have any idea of when your identity can get stolen. The most popular nowadays is email phishing. The tactic uses misleading emails and websites that can trick victims into clicking vindictive links, sending confidential information and downloading attachments. This comes up to be quite risky as per our own identity and privacy. For this, Pc Privacy Shield software by defencebyte comes up to be an effective way to remain secure.

On the other hand, this blog has been framed to help users in identifying any suspicious or phishing email. In reality, phishing emails are not perfect, therefore, detecting them will help in differentiating between a genuine and fake one. Let us begin with the guide that can help in spotting a spoofed email easily:

The email is sent from a public email address

The first sign that indicates that the email is suspicious is its authenticity. At times, the cybercriminal uses public email addresses such as Gmail. But if your bank or colleague sends you the email it will come from a company’s email address. Be aware and spot the mistake there and then.

Data Privacy Shield

Strange Attachments

If by chance, a user receives a strange email from somebody he/she has been asked to open attachments, they should not. Basically, these attachments can comprise malware that can infect the computer and steal personal information. The other way to remain secure from the same is to go for a Privacy Shield Software that can help in retaining the security of the personal information and details.

Poor spelling and grammar

Users can simply detect a phishing email by the way it is written. The writing style may be different to that a sender usually uses and it may contain spelling mistakes and poor grammar. The users should also be watchful of the greetings such as “Dear Member” or “Dear Customer.” This should be an indication as most of the companies would use the name in their email greetings.  

Do not believe in the urgent language in the subline

Such tactics often lead to misunderstanding and rise up a sense of urgency. The messages like your “account has been hacked” or your account had an “unauthorized login attempt” are present to pull user’s attention. So, beware by these and try to maintain a strategy.

Do not give up personal information

The most important thing a user can do is to not share any personal information. Banks and other financial institutions do not ask for credentials through emails. Be aware and do not share your information with cybercriminals. Proper knowledge and know-how can save up a lot of personal information.

So, these were some of the significant steps one can follow to spot a spoofed email. These emails are specifically designed to steal personal information that is too valuable. If there is any email that looks weird, just contact your respective banks and other institutions for confirmation. Other than this, a Pc Privacy Shield software on computers can help a lot.

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