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Every gadget has a lifespan, so does your PC. For a better lifespan and good performance, you need to maintain or clean your PC at a regular interval. However, often, you make some common mistakes that can ruin your computer for a lifetime.

Therefore, servicing your PC is necessary but not at the cost of its life. In this blog, you will learn about such avoidable mistakes which harm your PC every time you commit them.

  1. Damaging registry while clean up

The registry could seem a scary place at first glance, but it is of great use. It stores all the Windows Settings, which power user can change or edit according to their need.

But before you put your hands over it, you must know that it is a database of configurations and settings. So, you should not enter it unless you have to make a major tweak. Any uncalculated edit can mess up the whole system and cause bigger issues for your system.

The mistake: People with little knowledge and experience try their hands cleaning the registry, which is never needed. They sometimes download third party software for cleaning clogged up registry which does nothing but clearing few files up to Kilobytes.

Therefore, it is highly suggestible not to touch the registry and clean any file. If you feel the need to optimize space and clean clogged up registry space, download the best pc tune up software from a reliable source.

Note: Doing things on your own may corrupt the Windows, damage any important program, or pose major issue like potentially break down the system.

  1. Deleting recovery partition

Deleting recovery partition

Recovery Partition gets created on your PC when you install the Windows 1o on a disk. The partition helps you to refresh the Windows or reset it without installing Windows on separate disks.

Now, if you have installed Windows on your own, this factor is often negligible. However, in the case of Windows coming from the manufacturer’s end, they include the recovery partition consuming too much space in the system.

The mistake: Many times, people servicing the system on their own delete this recovery partition to free space, making the Windows unable to reset or refresh. For not committing this mistake and damaging Windows slowly, you can create a separate recovery base and do the reset.

You can also use PC performance optimizer software to optimize the space superficially rather than taking it into your hands.

Steps to look for Recovery Partition

  1. Right-click on the Start Button (you can also use short cut Win+X) and choose the disk management
  2. Locate the Disc 0
  3. See for a section labelled as Recovery Partition


  1. Erasing important files of the system

Unless you don’t understand the system, you should not take the task of file clean up into your hands. You may not know, but many vitally essential files are scattered around the entire file system on your Windows.

The files include program files, system files, third party application configuration settings, etc. These files are of great use for the system, and hence, the system’s admin settings sometimes stop you from deleting any such files.

But this does not happen all the times. You may delete any essential files in full wake and do nothing later when real damage has been done.

The mistake: The only mistake here is deleting the important database, directories or files which OS might have securely placed in folders like C:/Windows, etc.

In case you find the need to do so, double-check files, understand the important data and then proceed with clearing. Blindly deleting files from folders won’t achieve much good rather damaging your system in the long run.

  1. Cleaning up computer drivers

Drivers in your system are installed to pave the way for successful connection of hardware with your system. Although it is necessary to keep systems drivers updated all the time, you should just refrain from updating them most of the time if they are not broken.

For people who have a special love for installing driver utility software from an untrusted source, such software only causes trouble rather than helping your system. The driver utility applications from unauthorized sources bundle updates with notorious ads and sometimes install unwanted drivers along with the necessary ones.

The mistake: Not following the universal rule of ‘don’t fix it, if not broken’ and installing random illegitimate driver utility software to boost the driver update process. Such illegitimate utility software creates issues like corrupting USB drivers for keyboard and mice and causing the screen to go black.

For cases when you need the system to work at full speed and do not lag, use a trusted driver utility or seek help from the best free speed up pc software from a reliable source.

  1. Wiping drives

Wiping drives

Wiping drive comes under overzealous cleaning, and it’s only necessary when you are selling your system to another person. As you wipe outdrives, no data remains in there to be used illegitimately.

Often, PC owners go overboard with technology and wipe everything to start as new while resetting their Windows.

The mistake: Choosing to wipe down whole data on drives to start fresh in the name of resetting Windows. People are requested not to perform this step on their own using tools like DBAN and seek help from professionals.  Using such tools cleans all traces of data, making them irrecoverable in future.

You should perform the drive clean up if only you have taken a full backup of data anywhere else.

To conclude

Becoming self-capable of cleaning the system and resetting Windows for optimized system performance is a good thing, but you should not go too far ever to come back.

Initially, your system can have many important data that, when cleared permanently or wiped with the whole drive, could not be recovered.

At worst, such cleaning can result in missing important OS configuration files and setting, which can potentially breakdown your computer.


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