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Trojan horse is a very common word nowadays; even a school kid knows what the Trojan really is. The reason is obvious, in computer classes they are being told to be cautious about these vulnerabilities and do not use any program which they are not aware of.

Malware like trojan will not even leave a small clue about their silent attack. You turn on your PC and suddenly you find that it is not working properly. This is the moment you will realize that some malware attack has happened. But you have no option then except cursing yourself that you haven’t used good virus protection software. Trojan is one of a particular sneaky kind of malware. Everyone should be cautious about these sorts of malwares.

Trojan Horse

The only reason is that at first sight they seem harmless and beneficial. And, the ambush starts. They trick anyone to install them into the system. Cyber criminals get better opportunity for executing their online theft and fraud activities. Social Platform is the best suited place for trying hands on Trojans expansion.

At this platform it is easy to trick people with attractive offers hiding the Trojan underneath. This type of situation creates the necessity for antivirus software. If we install good quality antivirus in our PC then it can definitely be said that “Don’t worry, here comes your protector”.

Antivirus or anti-malware helps to protect PC by simply keeping the Trojans off in the computer system. This can be done as it is very easy for antivirus software to recognize the actual malware.

Trojan horse terminology comes from Greek mythology and the computer malware function in the same way. The big wood horse was gifted by Greeks which destroyed Trojan city. It is really interesting about the comparison made with the mythology. For you it seems to be an interesting game app, and once you try to do something, the malware will get hold of your personal information. The antivirus programs look inside the ‘horse’ to find out what really exists there. If anything, wrong found, protection get enabled automatically, blocking the malware from the system.

But do not get driven away by facts that PCs are the only target for trojan horse. All kinds of devices with internet connection are the targeted ones. The only solution to protect you from cyber criminals and their malpractices is to install a reputed antivirus product. But do not just install it, regular update is necessary to protect your device. Trojans will continue to develop new ways to catch hold of you but don’t worry; you have access to some good antivirus that will help you fight these cybercrimes.

Tools Needed to eliminate Trojan Horse Virus:

Important tactics for Trojan Horse Virus Elimination:

The whole procedure comprises of various steps, but there is nothing to worry about as they are quite simple to follow. The steps in the whole process will help in giving the insight to accomplish the process perfectly. Though, it is vital to take a hard copy of the mentioned steps and close every program going on successively as it has to get restarted at later phases.

To initiate with, download defencebyte Antivirus Pro, the finest security application to start the scanning for any of the virus application that may be concealed in your computer. The link mentioned here will readdress to defencebyte website.

defencebyte Antivirus Pro Download Link (The Download page will get opened in the fresh Window).

1: After the completion of the downloading process, close the applications opened on the PC.

2: You can now open the icon on the desktop by double-clicking on it. This technique will instigate the installation in the PC.

3: After the start of the installation, begin tracking the notifications for the correct installation procedure. Do not execute any sort of changes to the factory settings. After the installation of security software, the user should open it. At last, users can click on the ‘Finish’ button in order to check that the app runs properly.

4: Now, the defencebyte Antivirus pro will commence and it will come up on the screen as:

After this, users can click on the ‘Scan’ button to begin a complete computer scan. If there is any update concerning defencebyte is there, the processes of installation and download will perform before the scan begins.

5: The Antivirus Pro will verify device in depth for any sort of virus infection damaging the PC. This procedure needs some time so it is good to hang on for some time and focus on the status.

6: After completing the scanning task, the virus scanned will be exhibited on the monitor.


After this, click on the ‘Clean’ button to eliminate all the virus infections that come up. The Antivirus Pro software by defencebyte will now begin wiping the files that seem doubtful. In this phase, a boot up of a device may be necessitated to eliminate spiteful files. Users need to reboot the procedure to begin if it occurs on the screen. If a message is displayed citing reboot needed, users can do that. Go with the commands after the computer has been rebooted and the user is signed in.

7: The next step will be closing the defencebyte Antivirus Pro program.

8: It will be quite a difficult task to get rid of Trojan Horse virus without resetting the browsers aptly.

Users can follow the needed steps to reset the browsers to their default settings. This technique will wipe off all the toolbars, add-ons, and extensions.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

Resetting the Google Chrome Browser

In the early stages, the users need to reset Google Chrome to the company settings to wipe off Trojan Horse virus completely. After following the guidelines, all the data from the browser will be wiped off for instance homepage, browsing history and saved info & cookies. At the same time, the bookmarks will be stored.

Primarily, the users need to click on the Chrome’s button at the right corner of the screen. The key menu will then get opened for Chrome- 


After this, just tap on the settings at the menu option by the side of an arrow icon in the picture. This then opens up the settings on the monitor. Users will then receive Advanced Settings below.


Now, without wasting any time, click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’ to launch advanced setting. Below, a reset button will be present.


The next step involves tapping on Reset settings as displayed. Chrome will come with a validation box that says – are you sure to reset the web browser or not.


Now, click on the Reset button. Chrome will now perpetually remove all personal data, and history. The bookmarks will then be stored and will be obtainable.

Resetting the Internet Explorer Browser

To eliminate Trojan Horse virus in a go, the resetting of the Internet Explorer is essential. Along with the steps, all the personal facts will be removed. This technique will make the toolbar disable, but bookmarks will be there.

Now, open ‘Start’ and open Internet Explorer for a full reset. After this, the main menu of Internet Explorer will come up on the screen.


Now, quickly click on the menu option and internet option will be present.


After this, click on the Advanced tab as given that will then open the ‘Advanced Settings.’


Now click on Reset to receive a dialog box requesting for the approval to reset Internet Explorer.


After this, put a check mark over ‘Delete’ personal settings. Internet Explorer clears all the personal data and deactivates the add-on. Bookmarks will be saved and can be retrieved at any moment.


As soon as the reset is done, tap on the Close button. Now, just restart the Internet Explorer to finish the reset task. Now, follow the instructions once the Internet Explorer has begun working. Now, to eliminate Trojan Horse virus aptly, the user requires to reset the company settings. By this step, all personal data will be eliminated. This will then deactivate the toolbar, but all bookmarks will remain saved.

Resetting Mozilla Firefox Browser

For resetting the Firefox browser, the user must open the Firefox browser and open meu in the right position of the screen. The main menu of Mozilla Firefox here will come up:


Click on the question mark as accessible by the arrow button in the picture given over.


Now, tap on the arrow indicating to Troubleshooting Information. Now, click on the Troubleshooting button later on-


Click on the Refresh button to begin the refresh procedure. After this, a confirmation box will appear requesting whether you would like to do a refresh.


Now, click on ‘Refresh’ button to perform refresh on Mozilla Firefox. After the completion, a fresh Window will appear. Firefox will revive again and state that it has been refreshed previously.


Now, click on Let’s Go button to begin using Firefox.

Your PC is now free from Trojan Horse virus attack. The device will be more secure with the installation of defencebyte Antivirus Pro application. In the situation where any issue like with the software pops up, 24/7 toll-free number is given for help desk services to safeguard the device in the future attacks.