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Whenever a PC is bought, apart from performance the major concern also lies over protection issues. User always looks forward who have their beloved device covered and protected from all sort of threat both online and offline. This is the reason why they available in the market but, when it comes to quality performance and credibility they trust no other than defencebyte. There is quite a long of viruses that defencebyte have been fighting with the two most threatened and deadly viruses of the year are-:



Smart security-The virus of Smart Security is such that impersonate a legitimate security program and take hostage of your computer. This is a kind of program that is developed by the hackers and it can harm your computer in a very grave manner. In this, a fake security program is generated. The programs prompt to you that your computer has been attacked by viruses and you need to buy the licensed version to get rid of it. This virus gets installed in your computer mainly from the pop-up ads. Now, it is advisable to have a strong anti-virus program when you are hooked to the online platform.

FBI/MoneyPak-With each passing day, there are new kinds of viruses being developed. Some of these viruses are extremely harmful. If you are prompted with messages that your computer has been blocked by FBI and you have to pay fine to unblock it, then it may be because you are a victim of this virus attack. This is a new kind of virus that is treading in the cyber space. This virus traps the people to pay money as a ‘fine.’ This virus is termed as a Ransomeware and it belongs from the family of the malware. This virus posts a fake message on your computer stating that you have to pay an amount of money to get rid of the cyber charges against you. They take impersonate the leading government security agencies. However, you can be sure that they are nothing but virus.

What to do to get rid from these types of viruses?

Defencebyte antivirus software helps you in getting rid of the Smart Security and FBI/MoneyPak. Defencebyte provides you with the best kind of virus removal feature and gives you the best security firewall to your system, so that you will never face problem with virus and malware. Our motto is to help you in keeping your computer safe. In our website of www.defencebyte.com you will get hold of the easy steps of removal of this virus from your system.

Defencebyte Speed Optimizer  scans your system to identify issues which are obstruct in a speed, before flourish a powerful range of tools to optimize your system for better performance. Defencebyte Speed Repair cleanup fragmented data on your registry. Give your system a boost of speed with Defencebyte Speed Repair. As a closing note, users of defencebyte anti-Malware software are protected from known FBI/MoneyPak and smart security, detected as Ransomeware.