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Most of the time user arise a question “Is it possible to have a virus spread via your router”?

Moon Router VirusYes it’s possible and even defencebyte experts also already explained that a hardcore fact is that virus (moon virus) spread himself from router. Even also they explained how they effect and their way of affecting the router Moon Viruses can be spread over networks my manifesting themselves in data packets.  A virus will not be able to spread to another computer on the network by itself.  If you share files over the network these could be compromised by a virus.  As Routers do not have an operating system it is highly unlikely that it will get a Moon virus.  It is possible that the firmware running on the Router could be infected with a virus but it happens very rarely.  It’s important to keep updating the firmware to prevent this.  But to answer your question in a general sense the answer is no.  Make sure you have an up to date antivirus program running on all networked machines.

Most anti-virus programs work in several ways. First of all, they compare all the traffic going into and out of the computer as well as processes running, or trying to run, on the computer with a database of known “signatures.” The other thing they do is look for code and processes that just look fishy — that is, they look like they’re trying to do the kind of stuff that malware would do, even though they don’t match any of the known signatures. This second type of checking in called heuristics, and its how virus scanners look for brand-new malware that hasn’t been identified before.

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Defencebyte Antivirus Pro software protects your computer from viruses, spyware, rogue software, and other potentially harmful code that others may try to inject into your computer. The best anti-virus applications also monitor for other potentially harmful things, like un-patched vulnerabilities; and some also include spam filtering software. Defencebyte regularly updated their software firmware so that your computer protected all times.

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