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Massive. Huge. Serious. The vulnerable world of Internet has ones again compromised the security of millions of passwords, credit card numbers, user accounts and other personal details. This week started off with the nightmare of risking many users’ personal and financial details. On Monday night a major breakdown in Internet security was revealed that can scrape a server’s memory.

Dubbed as Heartbleed Bug, it’s a disastrous security flaw in OpenSSL that have been silently residing in Internet for two years or so. OpenSSL is a well-known data encryption standard for enhanced system security. It’s not a simple app bug, but a serious vulnerability on the major servers, known to transmit secure information. According to Netcraft, an Internet research firm, this catastrophic bug has affected some 500,000 servers across the globe including big giants like Yahoo, OKCupid, Tumblr, Intagram, Dropbox, Flickr, and AWS, are a few to mention.

In simpler words, this bug could have enabled anyone on the Internet to read the memory of systems shielded by vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software library. Furthermore, there are no traces or definite way to find which server is hacked (if any) and what kind of data is stolen.

Good news is that OpenSSL fixed the Heartbleed bug. But still there’s no guarantee that all sites and services affected by this bug have implemented the patch that migrates it. Means your security is still at risk. So, here’s your action plan:

Firstly change the passwords of all sites including: Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Yahoo, AWS, Box, Dropbox, Github, IFFT, Minecraft, SoundCloud, Wunderlist, and more. Keep a unique password for your each account.

Check whether your favorite site is vulnerable and gets conformation that security patch has been applied.

Closely tack your financial statement for the next few days. As cyber scammers can access a server’s memory for credit card information.

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